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Research Graduates

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD

Fraser Todd
Cannabis Use and Mood Disorders (2009)
Supervisors: Peter Joyce and Doug Sellman

Geoff Noller
Cannabis in New Zealand: Use, Users and Policy (2008)
Supervisors: Simon Adamson, Doug Sellman, Paul Robertson

K. Marie Ditchburn (formerly de Zwart)
Tobacco Smoking in Psychiatrically Disordered Adolescents: A Follow-up Study (2008)
Supervisors: Doug Sellman and Chris Frampton

Daryle Deering
Methadone Maintenance Treatment in New Zealand (2007)
Supervisors: Jaki Horn and Chris Frampton

Megan Harvey
Reefer Madness: Adolescent Cannabis Use and Cognition (2007)
Supervisors: Doug Sellman and Richard Porter

Paul Robertson
Körero Te Hïkoi
Mäori Men Talk the Walk of Addiction Treatment

Supervisors: Marie Crowe and Doug Sellman

Ian G. Sheerin
Consequences of Drug Use and Benefits of Methadone Maintenance Therapy for Mäori and Non-Mäori Injecting Drug Users (2005)
Supervisors: Doug Sellman and Terri Green (University of Canterbury)

Simon Adamson
Clinical Predictors of Treatment Outcome for Alcohol Use Disorders (2004)
Supervisors: Doug Sellman and Chris Frampton

Philip Townshend
Conflict Between Providers and Consumers in Opioid Substitution Therapy: A Preventive Ethics Approach (2004)
Supervisors: Doug Sellman and John Coverdale

Doug Sellman
Alcoholic Relapse (1996)
Supervisor: Peter Joyce


Master of Health Sciences - MHealSci (Dissertation)

Claire Aitken
Group Therapy in Addictions (2011)
Supervisor: Fraser Todd

Janelle Hutchinson
"Herbal High" Use by High School Youth - A Pilot Study (2006)
Supervisors: Beverley Burrell, Doug Sellman, Shelagh Dawson

Lois Cowan
Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Women: Clinicians' Beliefs and Practice (1999)

Mo Pettit
Violence in Relationships: The Experience of Alcohol Dependent Women (1999)
Supervisor: Jaki Horn



Master of Health Sciences - MHealSci (Thesis)

Claire Gilbert
Treatment for People with Coexisting Problems: Opinions and Practices of Alcohol and Other Drug Workers (2010)
Supervisors: Daryle Deering and Simon Adamson

Katherine Clark
Implications for Treatment: Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clients Who Concurrently Use Benzodiazepine Medication (2009)
Supervisors: Ria Schroder and Daryle Deering

David Benton
Concurrent Treatment for Co-existing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorders in an Outpatient Setting (2008)
Supervisors: Daryle Deering and Simon Adamson

Duncan G. Edwards
The Effects of Client Characteristics on Speech During Motivational Therapy (2008)
Supervisors: Simon Adamson and Janet Carter

Samadhi Campbell
Process of Motivational Enhancement Therapy: Relationships between Therapist and Client Behaviours, and Alcohol Use Outcome (2007)
Supervisors: Janet Carter (University of Canterbury) and Simon Adamson as co-supervisor

Steve Marshall
Depressed Patients' Experience of Cannabis Use (2007)
Supervisors: Simon Adamson and Fraser Todd

Anna Tentori
Identifying Client Characteristics Associated with Alcohol and Other Drug Treament Retention in Youth (2006)

Cate Kearney
Quality Treatment for Women with Problematic Alcohol and Other Drug Use (2004)
Supervisors: Daryle Deering and Marie Crowe

Marjorie Hunt
Cigarette Smoking and Nicotine Dependence Among Those in Residential Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Problems (2001)

K. Marie Ditchburn (formerly de Zwart)
An Investigation into Public Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Tobacco Smoking and Smoking Cessation (2000)
Supervisor: Doug Sellman

Raine Berry
Psychiatric Cormorbidity and Childhood Adversity in Women Seeking Treatment for Alcohol and/or Drug Dependence (1999)
Supervisor: Doug Sellman

Simon Adamson
Drug Use and Crime in a Christchurch Sample of Opioid Dependent Drug Users (1997)
University of Canterbury MSc - Supervisors: Rob Hughes (University of Canterbury) with Doug Sellman as co-supervisor

Daryle Deering
Opioid Dependence, Methadone Treatment and the Measurement of In-treatment Outcome (1997)
Supervisor: Peter Joyce


Dissertations Presented for Section II of the Fellowship Examination of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

Dr Alma Rae
The Effect of Comorbidity in Adult Major Depression (2004)

Dr Stephen G. Duffy
A Follow-up Study of Methadone Maintenance Treatment (1998)

Dr Fraser Todd
Benzodiazepines, Psychopathology and Methadone Maintenance Therapy (1996)


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