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John Dobson Memorial Foundation
Dr John Dobson was a leading pioneer in the development of both drug and alcohol and mental health services in New Zealand. He was legendary in his support, encouragement, stimulation and challenge to a broad range of health professionals. He championed and fought passionately throughout his life for a variety of controversial issues and social causes. He was motivated by strong humanitarian values and always insisted on basing his beliefs and views on scientific evidence, challenging others to do the same. He was a voracious reader of the scientific literature and continued to be one of the most informed drug and alcohol clinicians in New Zealand at the time of his death. John Dobson was a unique person, combining a sharp evidence-based approach with a deep caring for people.

The John Dobson Memorial Foundation was set up to perpetuate the values, energy and personal qualities he brought to bear in the care and treatment of people with drug and alcohol and broader mental health problems and to the public advocacy of their plight.

John Dobson Scholarships
John Dobson Scholarships were established in 1999 and each year up to three scholarships are awarded to applicants who, in the opinion of the JDMF executive and following consultation with the nominated referees, present the best applications in furthering the aims of the Foundation.

John Dobson Scholarships have been awarded to the following people:

Wyatt Butcher - Christchurch
Sarah Jarman - Whanganui
Tracey Fitzgerald - Christchurch
Ruatapuwai Tupara - Hamilton
Philip Townshend - Nelson
Mathew McMillan - Nelson

Shirley McKinney - Christchurch
Louise Leonard - Cambridge
Roger Brooking - Wellington
Sandie Finnigan - Upper Hutt
Sarah Frank - Whakatane
Tricia Adams-Smith - Whangarei
Suzanne Laird - Tauranga

David Brown - Auckland
Cindy Schmidt - Wellington

Ria Schroder - Christchurch
Ssu-An Lin - Auckland

Kate Bukowski - Auckland
Roger Brooking - Wellington
Fiona Owens - Dunedin

Kate Bukowski - Auckland
Duncan Edwards - Christchurch
Minoáka Kapuaahiwalani-Fitzsimmons - Hamilton
Geoff Noller - Dunedin

Minoáka Kapuaahiwalani-Fitzsimmons - Hamilton

Justin Pulford - Auckland
Klare Bray - Wellington
Helen Moriarty - Wellington

Laura Clunie - Auckland
David Benton - Tauranga
Rhonda Robertson - Christchurch

Justin Pulford - Auckland
Meg Harvey - Christchurch
Sue Paton - Wellington

Karen de Zwart - Christchurch
Sally-Ann Hammond - Palmerston North

Michael Baker - Christchurch
Kyp Kypri - Dunedin
Rachael Kirkbride - Lincoln

Scholarships will not be offered in 2013.

The John Dobson Postgraduate Prize
The John Dobson Memorial Foundation also recognises and awards a prize for the top student graduating in an Addiction & Co-existing Disorders endorsed postgraduate qualification through the University of Otago. Recipients of this award have been:

2013 Tangi Noomotu
2012 Sharmila Bernau
2011 Julia Rainsford
2010 Dr Bogdan Schipou and Kate Faulkner
2009 Peter de Boer
2008 Randal Cornish
2007 Joanna Morris
2006 Claire Gilbert
2005 Dr Dominic Rillstone
2004 Dr Karla Rix-Trott and Dr Sheila Gordon

2003 Dr Alastair Dunn
2002 David Benton
2001 Mary Allan

The John Dobson Opioid Presentation Prize
The values of John Dobson are further kept alive by the awarding of a prize for the best opioid related presentation given at the Cutting Edge Conference each year. Recipients of this prize have been:

Vicki Kiddell - Life Downtown
Dr Sam McBride - Opiate Detoxification (Why, How, Where and Who For)

Dr Karla Rix-Trott - Bone Density and Factors Influencing Bone Metabolism in People on Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Charles Henderson - Moving Harm Reduction Forward: Maximising the NZ NEP

David Mellor - Interim Methadone Prescribing Programme (IMPP) - Preliminary Results From Dunedin

Tracey Fearn - GP Authorisation: Creative Thinking to Encourage GP Participation in Methadone Treatment Programme

Dr Alistair Dunn - Minimal Methadone Treatment

Carina Walters/Grant Paton-Simpson - Amphetamine Use in a Methadone Maintenance Client Population

Ian Sheerin - Future Costs of Hepatitis C Among Mäori and Non-Mäori Drug Users

Daryle Deering - Evaluation of Treatment for Opioid Dependence

David Benton - Not Doing Urinanalysis - Does This Allow Clients to Feel Safe Enough to be Honest With Staff About Drug Use?

Adrian Dunlop and Hilary Lawrence


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