Australasian Hypothalamic Neuroscience Networking Meeting - Hobart 2016

Saturday 3rd December 2016
University of Tasmania Medical Sciences Precinct
17 Liverpool Street, Hobart
(10 min walk from ANS Conference venue)

Welcome to the first gathering of Australasian neuroscientists interested in hypothalamic and neuroendocrine function. This is intended to be a networking meeting where we can all gather to be informed on the breadth of research being undertaken in our region. Hopefully, this will generate new ideas and useful collaborations. In this spirit, we are asking Principal Investigators to give 10 min overviews of research being undertaken in their laboratories. However, everyone and anyone interested in hypothalamic neuroscience is welcome to attend.

We have 27 PIs presenting so it will be a busy day! Please see here for the details of those giving overviews.

Program Schedule Announced

Lunch will be provided and we expect to arrange an informal dinner in the evening. The meeting is being sponsored primarily by Neuroendocrinology Australasia and the University of Otago Centre for Neuroendocrinology. Registration and lunch will be free for all attendees.

Please register your interest in attending by emailing Rachael Augustine at

The Networking Meeting is an official satellite of the Australasian Neuroscience Society Meeting (4-7 December)  Two specific events at ANS will be of interest and we hope that as many of you as possible will be able to stay on for the ANS conference.

  1. We have arranged for a "Hypothalamic Neuroscience" poster session during the meeting so please bring along your posters and register them under "Theme D Autonomic/Neuroendocrine systems". We will make sure that they are all put up together at the same time. Abstract deadline is July 31st - please register and submit through the ANS meeting website
  2. There is also a "Hypothalamic Neuroscience" symposium. See below for details.
    Genetic Dissection of Hypothalamic Neural Networks
    Chairs, Zane Andrews & Dave Grattan
    Joel Elmquist The University of Texas Soutwestern Medical Centre. Using Mouse Genetics to Unravel the CNS Pathways Controlling Energy Balance and Glucose Homeostasis
    Allan Herbison University of Otago Optogenetic and chemogenetic analysis of the hypothalamic neural network controlling fertility
    Rosie Brown University of Otago Population-specific deletion of hypothalamic prolactin receptors identifies a critical role for maternal behaviour
    Brian Oldfield Monash University Central neural control of brown fat thermogenesis - is beige the new brown?

Looking forward to seeing as many hypothalamic neuroscientists as possible in Hobart.

Allan E. Herbison (Chair)
Dave Grattan
Zane Andrews

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