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Dr Greg Anderson
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Associate Professor


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Our research group’s interests are focused on the regulation of fertility by nutritional factors (the hormones leptin, insulin and ghrelin) and the mechanisms by which the brain peptide RFamide-related peptide-3 (RFRP-3, a.k.a. gonadotrophin inhibitory hormone) regulates reproductive activity and anxiety in mammals. Beyond our focused basic research projects, our ‘big picture’ goal is the development of new and improved treatments for infertility and anxiety-related disorders. The Anderson Research Group is based in the Department of Anatomy and forms one of the laboratories that make up University of Otago's Centre for Neuroendocrinology.

Clinical conditions

Infertility, metabolic syndrome, chronic anxiety disorders

Technical expertise

Transgenic mouse models, behavioural phenotyping, in vivo and in vitro cell signaling assays.


Greg Anderson initially completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) degree at Lincoln University, Canterbury, before deciding to focus on neuroendocrine control of fertility. During his PhD studies at Lincoln University and subsequent postdoctoral fellowships at West Virginia University and Massey University he investigated the central mechanisms underpinning seasonal control of fertility in sheep and red deer. Leading his own research group at the University of Otago since 2004, Greg developed a research programme addressing how metabolic factors such as leptin act in the brain to regulate reproductive function. He has been a leader in elucidating the neurobiology of RFRP-3 since it was first shown to modulate reproduction in mammals. He has published over 45 research papers and has an H-index of 22.

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Laboratory Staff
Research Fellow

Dr Maggie Evans

Research Technician / ARF

Megan Inglis

Dr Caroline Ancel

Masters Students

Nivesh Kumar

Undergraduate Students

George Connolly

India Sawyer

Selected Recent Publications

McEwan HJ, Inglis MA, Quennell JH, Grattan DR, Anderson GM. (2016) Deletion of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 3 from Forebrain Neurons Delays Infertility and Onset of Hypothalamic Leptin Resistance in Response to a High Caloric Diet. J. Neuroscience 36 (27), 7142-53. View abstract

Kim JS, Brownjohn PW, Dyer BS, Beltramo M, Walker CS, Hay DL, Painter GF, Tyndall JD, Anderson GM (2015) Anxiogenic and stressor effects of the hypothalamic neuropeptide RFRP-3 are overcome by the NPFFR antagonist GJ14. Endocrinology 156 (11), 4152-4162. View abstract

Zuure WA, Roberts AL, Quennell JH, Anderson GM. (2013) Leptin signaling in GABA neurons, but not glutamate neurons, is required for reproductive function. J Neurosci 33:17874-83 View abstract

Quennell JH, Mulligan AC, Tups A, Lui X, Phipps SJ, Kemp CJ, Herbison AE, Grattan DR, Anderson GM (2009) Leptin indirectly regulates GnRH neuronal function. Endocrinology, 150, pp. 2805-12. View abstract

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