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University of Otago Campus Master Plan

The Hocken Library

News and Events

Appointment of Consultant Team

The University of Otago has recently appointed a team of consultants to prepare Campus Master Plans for the Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington Campuses. The team will be led by international Learning Environments experts DEGW who will deploy strategists, architects, and urban designers from both their Sydney and London offices. They will be assisted by local Dunedin architecture firm Architectural Ecology, New Zealand sustainability and engineering consultancy e Cubed Building Workshop, and international spatial culture experts Space Syntax.

March & April 2009 Activities

March and April 2009 will be the focus for the research and engagement phase of the project. Consultation activities occurring on the campuses will include:

Dunedin Campus

  • University Executive Interviews
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor Interviews
  • Public Lecture and Master Plan Briefing
  • Teaching, Learning and Research Symposium
  • Campus Design Charette
  • External Stakeholder Meetings
  • Internal Stakeholder Interviews
  • Staff Workshops
  • Student Workshops
  • Online Campus Performance Survey

Christchurch Campus

  • Dean Interview
  • Staff Workshop
  • Student Workshop
  • External Stakeholder Meetings
  • Online Campus Performance Survey

Wellington Campus

  • Dean Interview
  • Staff Workshop
  • Student Workshop
  • External Stakeholder Meetings
  • Online Campus Performance Survey

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Overview of the Project

The University of Otago has engaged a team of local and international consultants led by DEGW to prepare Campus Master Plans for the Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington Campuses. The Campus Master Plans will provide a strategic framework to guide the future long-term evolution of the campuses. The process of preparing the Campus Master Plans will take place over the length of 2009. It will be structured into distinct phases of research, investigation, consultation, briefing, analysis, design, documentation and review.

Why a campus master plan?

The University of Otago has been continuously evolving since the 1870s, which saw the construction of its first purpose-built buildings on the Dunedin site. Two major plans, completed in 1972 and 1980, have guided the growth of the Dunedin Campus over the last the last three decades. However, much has changed at the University in this time and an updated campus master plan is now urgently required.

The Christchurch and Wellington campuses of the University of Otago were established during the 1970s on the grounds of the Christchurch and Wellington Hospitals. Since this time there has been significant innovation in health sciences. The University's activities have grown significantly both within and around these sites, and a Campus Master Plan is now required to guide future development and ensure that facilities continue to enable world-class teaching and research.


The over-arching purpose of the Campus Master Plan is to establish a cohesive framework to guide new initiatives and future development of the University's campuses.

In particular, the Campus Master Plan will:

  • Align with the vision for the campus developed in the University's Strategic Direction to 2012, in particular the imperative of "ensuring outstanding campus environments and student experience”;
  • Prioritise investments in land, buildings, infrastructure and landscaping that supports new developments and meets the University's sustainability goals;
  • Create a framework for long-term development and high-quality design.


The master-planning process commenced in January 2009, with the final documentation due for presentation to the University Council in January 2010.

Stage 1 Project Mobilisation January 09
Stage 2 Research & Engagement: Pedagogical, Business, Student & Community Drivers February 09 – April 09
Stage 3 Research & Engagement: Spatial, Urban Design and Sustainability Drivers February 09 – April 09
Stage 4 Strategic Master Plan Brief April 09 – May 09
Stage 5 Campus Strategic Options April 09 – May 09
Stage 6

Master Plan

  • Production
  • Presentation and Review


May 09 – Oct 09
Aug 09 – Jan 10

Master Plan Project Team

The preparation of the Campus Master Plans is being directed by the University of Otago's Property Services Division. A team of consultants led by DEGW has been appointed to research and produce the Campus Master Plans. Property Services and the consultant team are partnering with Dunedin City Council to ensure that the Dunedin Campus Master Plan delivers a positive benefit to the wider Dunedin city, and is developed in accordance with the Tertiary Precinct Development Plan.

The Consultant Team

(Sydney, London)
Learning Environments Strategy, Architecture and Urban Design

Architectural Ecology
Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Space Syntax
Evidence-based Spatial Accessibility Modelling and Movement Infrastructure Analysis

e Cubed Building Workshop
Sustainability and Engineering

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The University welcomes feedback on the Campus Master Plan project.

If you would like further information or to discuss the Campus Master Plan project, please contact:

Sue Larkins
Strategy & Planning Manager
Property Services
Tel 64 3 479 7663