The Frances Hodgkins Fellowship

The Frances Hodgkins Fellowship was established by the University of Otago Council in 1962 to aid and encourage painters, sculptors and multi-media artists, while at the same time associating them with the life of the University and fostering an interest in the Arts within the University. It was named after Dunedin-born Frances Hodgkins, one of New Zealand's most distinguished painters.

The annual, 12-month Fellowship provides a studio/office space and not less than the minimum salary of a full-time university lecturer. It is open to artists who are normally resident in New Zealand and who, in the opinion of the Selection Committee, have executed work that demonstrates their talent, and would benefit from holding the Fellowship.

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Photo of Campbell Patterson

Campbell Patterson

Frances Hodgkins Fellow 2017

Campbell Patterson is an artist who has been making and exhibiting work in various mediums, often interchanging them, including, writing, sculpture, photography, painting and video.

He plans to focus on making both film and sculptural works. For the film work he is interested, as a starting point, in making 'cinema' and figuring out what this means in the context of what he does. For the sculptural project he will start by searching for materials and spaces.

Update - May 2017

I am now three months into my fellowship. This is now the longest I have been without a job since the year two thousand. The first month was the most difficult, while I was establishing a new routine, I spent a lot of time wandering about feeling quite lost and overwhelmed. At this stage of the fellowship I feel I have fallen into a nice rhythym. My day begins when I get out of bed some time around midday and ends when I go to sleep about 5am. I have been working on videos and various types of work on paper including a series of zines. The addition of a photocopier to the studio has been an unexpected revelation. The studio is a mess but in a comfortable way. I spend the vast majority of my time alone and I love it. Music keeps me company and offers inspiration. Some bands that I have been enjoying are Bell Witch, Lifelover, Grief, Gas, Monumentum, Drowning The Light, Swans and Godflesh among others. Walking is also important and I try to walk at least 25km per day. I feel that I am submerging deep into my practice. I have the nagging fear that it will not be easy to come back out at the other end but right now this is totally ideal. I have three exhibitions planned which will be the destinations for successful work that I make while here. The first is at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in mid June.


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