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Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours (BPharm(Hons))


The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours (BPharm(Hons)) programme comprises the standard BPharm programme for years 1–3, but with additional training in advanced research design, methodologies, techniques and analysis, as well as a research dissertation, in fourth year.

The main objectives of the BPharm(Hons) degree are to:

  • Provide additional learning opportunities for our outstanding students who have interest in research careers
  • Facilitate access for our Pharmacy graduates into the PhD programme of the University of Otago
  • Provide an avenue for increasing the number of research students

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First year

Health Sciences First Year:

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

  • PHCY 480 Honours Research Project
  • PHCY 481 Quality Use of Medicines B for Honours
  • PHCY 482 Professional Pharmacy Practice C for Honours
  • PHCY 483 Quality Use of Medicines C for Honours

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Admission to BPharm(Hons)

Applicants must be current candidates for the Bachelor of Pharmacy undertaking the Third Year of the programme.

Applicants must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least B+ after completion of first semester of the Third Year.

Eligible applicants will be ranked based on their GPA and a written application. The top-ranked applicants will be interviewed and, based on this interview, offered admission to the programme. The number of students admitted to the programme shall normally be 5–10 in any one year.

Admission to the programme shall be subject to the approval of the Dean of the School of Pharmacy.

The honours programme starts with a 10-week block research component, for which you need to be available. Any planned absences during this time needs to be explained in your cover letter. The programme starts on 1 November. You are required to be on campus for the first week.

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Application process for BPharm(Hons)

Students who meet the admission criteria (above) who wish to be considered for BPharm(Hons) should submit their application by 31 July, to the Research Administrator.

The application should consist of the following:

  1. Cover letter
    • State why you wish to be considered for the honours programme
    • Mention whether you are prepared to do honours if a scholarship is not available
    • Mention any planned absences during the summer break
  2. CV
    • Including any previous research experience

Email your application to the Research Administrator

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1 July Eligible students should apply for honours
31 July Applications close
12 August Students will be advised if they have been shortlisted, and will be given a list of the projects / supervisors available
12–25 August Shortlisted candidates should contact, and have an interview with, potential supervisors
26 August Shortlisted candidates should have ranked and submitted their top three selection of projects / supervisors
19 September Notification of successful students
30 September-7 October eVision applications submitted by successful students
7 October Last date for eVision applications
November–February Undertake research project
First week of Semester One Interim progress reports due

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The minimum B+ requirement that was mentioned as a criterion for entry into the BPharm(Hons) programme: does it include all the papers that we have done so far, or is it only referring to the third-year papers? So would it be right to say that none of them can have less than a B+ grade?
Grade is your cumulative GPA over all years of study to the end of semester 1, third year pharmacy. There is no minimum requirement for an individual paper.

I am a direct entry student to P3; am I eligible to apply?

Where can I find the list of research projects?
Once you are shortlisted, the list of research projects will be made available to you.

I have no previous experience of conducting research. Can I be considered for honours?

When can I do my hospital placement?
The first week of November, you are required to be on campus. All other weeks are available for you to undertake your hospital placement.

Is it necessary I have to stay in Dunedin during summer break?
The program requires you to conduct research for 10 weeks during summer break (from the first week of November until the fourth-year class begins in February). Of these 10 weeks, during the first week of November you are required to be on campus. It is up to you and your supervisor to plan the remaining weeks to find time for your research, summer break, and hospital placement.

I failed in the dispensing exam of PHCY 344. Can I apply for Honours?

How will the workload and assessment of honours students be different from others?
There are some differences in honours. See the following table:

Paper Comparison with BPharm paper Assessment
PHCY 480 Honours Research Project 36-point research project instead of 12-point elective project for PHCY 470 Dissertation (70%), research skills assessed by supervisor (10%), oral presentation (15%), a research method test (5%)
PHCY 481 Quality Use of Medicines B for Honours Same as PHCY 471 Same as PHCY 471
PHCY 482 Professional Pharmacy Practice C for Honours Same as PHCY 472 Same as PHCY 472
PHCY 483 Quality Use of Medicines C for Honours The core material will be the same as PHCY 473; however, PHCY 483 will have six additional tutorials One additional assignment and one MCQ test on the six tutorials for honours students

How much will the stipend be worth?
NZ$5,000 total.

Does the stipend begin from November and continue over the summer?
The stipend is paid in four monthly instalments starting from November.

Is self-funded entry available? How much would I need to pay?
If projects are available, self-funded entry can be considered for top students who missed scholarships. The additional tuition fee is roughly about NZ$1,200. The exact figure may vary. You should also think about the living expenses during summer. Research project expenses are covered by the school.

I'm currently receiving a student allowance from StudyLink for my living expenses. If I'm selected into the honours programme, will I still be eligible for a StudyLink allowance?
You are strongly encouraged to contact StudyLink directly to discuss this.

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Further information

For further information about the Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours programme, please contact:

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