Alex Miller

  Philosophy, University of Otago  

Alex Miller

MA (Hons)(1987)(Glasgow), MLitt (1989)(St Andrews), AM (1992), PhD (1995)(Michigan)




Alex took his undergraduate degree in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Glasgow and did his graduate work in philosophy at the University of St. Andrews and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Alex joined the Otago department in June 2012. Prior to this he was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, and has also taught at Nottingham, Cardiff, and Macquarie.



Phil 234/315 Contemporary Metaethics
Phil 233/333 Philosophy of Language and Mind
Phil 415 Special Topic: Meaning and Metaphysics


Supervision Interests
* Philosophy of Language and Mind
* Metaphysics (especially Realism and Antirealism)
* Metaethics


Research Students: Current

  • Daniel Wee: Rule-Following, Individualism and Communitarianism (PhD)
  • John Keyzer: Meaning and Normativity (PhD)
  • Ali Hossein Khani: Davidson and Wittgenstein on Meaning (PhD)


Research Students: Previously Completed

  • Paul Broadbent: McDowell’s Realism (PhD)
  • Walker MacMurdo: Putnam and Wright on Realism (BA Hons)
  • Reza Mosmer: The Tractatus Paradox (PhD)
  • Kirk Surgener: Korsgaard’s Metaethics (PhD)
  • Ali Saboohi: Theory of Meaning and Speakers’ Knowledge (PhD)
  • Andrew Field: Explanation in Metaethics (MPhil)
  • Callum Hood: Morality and Judgement-Dependence (MPhil)
  • Paul Broadbent: Davidson on Conceptual Schemes (MPhil)
  • Florian Demont: Non-Reductionism about Meaning (MPhil)
  • Kirk Surgener: Moral Particularism (MPhil)



Alex works mainly in the areas of philosophy of language and mind, metaethics and metaphysics and has published widely on these topics.
A revised and expanded 2nd edition of his book Philosophy of Language was published by Routledge in September 2007. A revised and expanded 2nd edition of his An Introduction to Contemporary Metaethics was published by Polity Press in 2013. He is currently editing Logic, Language and Mathematics, a Festschrift volume for Crispin Wright featuring papers by Richard Heck, Neil Tennant, Ian Rumfitt, Stephen Schiffer, Bob Hale, Jim Edwards, William Demopolous, Sanford Shieh, George Boolos, Gideon Rosen and Steven Yablo, together with replies by Crispin Wright. This will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016. He is also working on a new monograph on metaethics for Polity Press and a 3rd edition of Philosophy of Language for Routledge. Additionally, he is co-editor (with Crispin Wright and Bob Hale) of a revised and expanded 2nd edition of A Companion to the Philosophy of Language (to be published by Blackwell).

Alex has given research presentations in New Zealand, Australia, Austria, USA, UK, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, and South Korea.

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Alex recently appeared on an episode of Philosophy Talk, a San Francisco radio show hosted by Stanford University philosophers Ken Taylor and John Perry.


Selected Publications



2013 Contemporary Metaethics: An Introduction Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition (Cambridge: Polity Press, xiv + 314pp).

2007 Philosophy of Language Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition (London: Routledge, xviii + 393pp).

2003 An Introduction to Contemporary Metaethics (Cambridge: Polity Press xi + 314pp.)

1998 Philosophy of Language (London: University College London Press/Routledge, Fundamentals of Philosophy Series, xviii + 348 pp.)

Edited collections


2002 Rule-Following and Meaning (co-edited with Crispin Wright, Acumen Publishing, x + 302pp.)

Articles and book chapters


2015 “Rule-Following, Error Theory and Eliminativism”, forthcoming in International Journal of Philosophical Studies.

2015 “Blind Rule-Following and the ‘Antinomy of Pure Reason’”, forthcoming in Philosophical Quarterly.

2015 “Davidson’s Antirealism?” (with Ali Hossein Khani), forthcoming in Revista de Filosofia Aurora.

2015 “Wittgenstein, Quine and Dummett on Conventionalism about Logic”, Thought: A Journal of Philosophy.

2014 “Rule-Following and Consciousness: Old Problem or New?” (with Ali Saboohi), Acta Analytica.

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Book Reviews


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