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To think and to be fully alive are the same. – Hannah Arendt




In August/September 2015 the Department is very pleased to have as visitors two analytic philosophers from Iran:

Dr. Ali Kalantari, University of Isfahan (August 2nd - August 27th)

Dr. Reza Mosmer, Institute for Cognitive Science Studies, Tehran (August 15th - September 19th).

Dr. Kalantari obtained his PhD (on the normativity of belief and content) from the University of Warwick in 2013. Dr. Mosmer obtained his PhD (on Wittgenstein's Tractatus) from the University of Birmingham in 2013


Dan & Gwen Taylor Lecture 2015

Jeremy Waldron, Professor of Law at New York University, will deliver this year's lecture:

Profound Disability and Distinctive Human Dignity

Tuesday 28 July 2015, 5.30pm, Archway 4 Lecture Theatre

You are invited.

Jeremy Waldron Seminar



Applications invited: Alan Musgrave Masters' Scholarship in Philosophy 2016

To provide support for high calibre international students to study towards a Master’s degree in Philosophy.

Applications close 1 September 2015.

Open to international students intending to enrol full-time, either in a one-year BA (Hons) in Philosophy, followed by a Master’s degree by thesis in Philosophy, or in a Master’s degree by thesis in Philosophy. Applicants should have a BA in Philosophy (or equivalent) and demonstrate an appropriate standard of English.

For more information about the scholarship, details on how to apply, and an application form, visit:





According to the QS World Unviersity Rankings 2015, the Department of Philosophy at Otago is among the world's 100 best philosophy departments and first in New Zealand. Ranks are based on academic reputation, employer reputation, and research impact.

Full listings here.







Hannah Clark-Younger, one of our recent PhD students, has had a paper published in the leading philosophy journal Thought: A Journal of Philosophy. (Thought won the 2015 PROSE award – organised by the Association of American Publishers – for the best new Humanities and Social Sciences journal of the year). Hannah’s paper is entitled “Imperatives and the More Generalised Tarski Thesis” and is available here.

Another of our recent PhD students, Kirsten Walsh, has a paper “Caricatures, Myths and White Lies”, co-authored with Adrian Currie, forthcoming in Metaphilosophy 46 (3). Kirsten is now a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Humanties Research at the University of Bucharest --more here.






If you are a philosophy student (or are thinking of becoming a philosophy student), course advice for the 2015 academic year is available from the Department of Philosophy Advisor of Studies, Associate Professor Andrew Moore. To fix up an appointment with Andrew please email him here.

Details of Philosophy papers can be found here.

Alternatively, course advice is available from the Division of Humanities: please contact Carol Forbes.


Andrew Moore


Past Departmental news: here.







Some of the women who majored in Philosophy at Otago....

Kirsten Walsh
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bucharest


Katja Ackerley
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Beijing, ChinaDescription: Macintosh HD:Users:david:Desktop:Pamela Tate.jpg


Pamela Tate
Justice, Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia


Holly Lawford Smith
Lecturer, Philosophy, University of Sheffield


Rebekah Riley
Deputy Permanent Representative OECD, NZ Embassy, Paris


Cei Maslen
Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington


Samantha Jukes
Producer/Head of Facilities, Envy Studios, Auckland


Elizabeth Fenton
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, Boston






Students are invited to come along to the Philosophy Club. Schedule:



The Department annually honours distinguished students in Philosophy with prizes that are, largely, the result of bequests. An inventory of these prizes and previous prizewinners is available here.