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Postgraduate seminar (2017)

The postgraduate seminar is for postgraduate students in philosophy and related academic areas to present their research for discussion in a friendly and supportive environment. Staff and postgraduates with an interest in philosophy are welcome to attend.

Seminars take place on Fridays in the departmental seminar room (117 Union Street East), from 4:00-5:30.

(Note: in addition to the postgraduate seminar, postgraduate students also attend the main departmental seminar series.)

10 Mar Kourken Michaelian Building a career: The factors that matter
17 Mar Chloe Wall Are memory and testimony analogous?
24 Mar Anthony Gambrell What Satan ought to have done
31 Mar Manuel Lechthaler The Intensionality of Composition as Identity
07 Apr Britta Clark 'Saving Stuff': The Limits of Threshold-Based Approach to Intergenerational Equity
14 Apr no workshop (holiday)
21 Apr no workshop (mid-semester break)
28 Apr Nina Harrap Should necessity imply obligation?
05 May Sam Pensler Descartes: Rationalist? Yes. Rationalist about Self-knowledge? Possibly.
12 May Briony Blackmore Empathy, Morality, and Special Obligations
19 May Zachary Swindlehurst Rule-Following and Self-Knowledge
26 May André Sant'Anna The Hybrid Contents of Memory
02 Jun Finn Butler The Sceptical Solution to Kripke's Wittgensteinian Paradox
winter break
14 Jul Andrew Rutherford Time travel and personal identity
21 Jul Kourken Michaelian How to succeed as a PhD student
28 Jul Charles Pigden Did John Balguy Anticipate Saul Kripke?
04 Aug Anthony Gambrell Sir Robert Filmer: The Denial of Natural Freedom and the Free Monarch
11 Aug Tiddy Smith The worst kind of disagreement
18 Aug Jon Keyzer Is There a Limit to Metalinguistic Negotiation?
25 Aug Mike McLeod Progress on progress
01 Sep no workshop (mid-semester break)
15 Sep Briony Blackmore Defining affective empathy
22 Sep André Sant'Anna Is episodic memory a propositional attitude?
29 Sep Chloe Wall Collective confabulation
06 Oct Chris Lernpass A new perspective on evolutionary debunking arguments in ethics
13 Oct Zachary Swindlehurst Rule-Following, Self-Knowledge and the Epistemology of the Understanding