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Philosophy Seminars are Wednesdays, Burns 5, 11am - 12:30.

Please note that, like all things in life, this schedule is subject to change.

February 26

David Chalmers

ANU "Why isn't there more progress in philosophy?"
March 5 Ricki Bliss Kyoto Metaphysical Foundationalism and the Principle of Sufficient Reason

Tuesday March 11, 5:30 pm:

Taylor Lecture -- Philip Pettit


Princeton Doing Good and Doing Evil
March 12 Victoria McGeer Princeton Living with Blame
March 19 Student Research Conference [Alpha]    
March 26 Jussi Haukioja NTNU From Reference to Essence
April 2 Paisley Livingston Lingnan Bolzano on Beauty
April 9 Hartley Slater UWA Propositional Identities and Implications
April 16 Raamy Majeed Otago Conceptual Instability and the New Epistemic Possibility



Mid-semester Break (April 21 - 25)


April 30 Alan Weir Glasgow Properties and Relations are Fusions
May 7 Greg Dawes Otago  
May 14 Charles Pigden Otago  
May 21 Colin Cheyne Otago  
May 28 James Maclaurin Otago  


Semester Break


July 9      
July 16      
July 23 Harold Noonan Nottingham  
July 30 Student Research Conference [Beta]    
August 6 Nick Munn Waikato  
August 13      
August 20 Ali Kalantari (Isfahan)  


Mid-Semester Break (Aug 25 - 29)



September 3 Alex Miller Otago  
September 10      
September 17 Sean McConnell Otago [Classics]  
September 24 Claire Gallop Otago Autonomy
October 1 Daniel Halliday Melbourne  
October 8    


Examinations and Summer Break


Please note, this timetable is subject to change.

The Otago Logic Group meets monthly during semester time. See logic website for details.

Information about The Dan & Gwen Taylor Lectures, including recordings, can be found here.

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