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Events | Seminars 2015

Philosophy Seminars are Wednesdays, Burns 5, 11am - 12:30.

Please note that, like all things in life, this schedule is subject to change.

February 25 Ben Schonthal Otago (Religion) Protecting religion in law? Managing monks' mobility in Sri Lanka
March 4 Greg Dawes Otago Are religious beliefs hinge beliefs?
March 11

Monica Janzen

Hennepin Tech

Beyond Theories: Using Civic Engagement Projects in Online and Traditional Classrooms

March 18

Frank Jackson


Graduate Student Conference

ANU Three Grades of Involvement in Conceptual Analysis
March 25 Elijah Millgram Utah Who Was the Author of Nietzsche's Zarathustra?
April 1 Charles Pigden Otago NOFI and Non-Cognitivism: the History of a Mistake




April 15 Justine Kingsbury Waikato Thinking critically about beliefs it's hard to think critically about 
April 22 Fabien Medvecky Otago (Sci / Com) Science communication and epistemic justice 
April 29 Neil Pickering Otago (Bio Ethics) Could we do without a concept of disease?
May 6 James Maclaurin Otago Is biodiversity a natural quality?
May 13 Grant Gillett Otago (Bio Ethics) The active global workspace theory of consciousness
May 20 Morteza Sedaghat   Triangulation and the causal theory of reference
May 27 Kourken Michaelian Otago Collaborative memory and the extended knowledge debate




July 15 Daniel Wee Otago Quietism in the Individualist vs. Communiarian Debate on Rule-following
July 22 Melissa Lane Princeton The Politics of Unsustainability: Plato on the Logic of Constitutional Change
July 29


Graduate Student Conference


August 5 Jeremy Waldron NYU What Do the Philosophers Have Against Dignity?
August 12 Ali Kalantari Isfahan Norms: guidance, redundancy and the norm of belief
August 19 Thomas Forster Cambridge What is Logic for?




September 2 Alex Miller Otago  
September 9 Andrew Moore Otago  
September 16 Mike LeBuffe Otago  
September 23 Zach Weber Otago  
September 30 Ruth Boeker Melbourne  
October 7 Lisa Ellis Otago  



Examinations and Summer Break



The Otago Logic Group meets monthly during semester time. See logic website for details.

Information about The Dan & Gwen Taylor Lectures, including recordings, can be found here.

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