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Women's health services at the School of Physiotherapy Clinic Christchurch


Are you pregnant? Would you like to learn exercises that will help you prepare for childbirth—and get back into shape afterwards? The School of Physiotherapy Clinic Christchurch can help you a detailed personal assessment that puts you in control.

Clinical pilates exercises are excellent at giving you strength and control of the pelvic and abdominal muscles, and shown to be effective for a range of challenges.

The School of Physiotherapy Clinic Christchurch can help you improve strength in the pelvic region, as well as helping you with exercises to improve overall health during pregnancy, labour, and post-natal.

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Waterworks problems

Our physiotherapists have expertise in assessing and treating problems in this area, and can put you back in control. You might have heard of pelvic floor exercises before, but aren’t sure how to get started, if you’re doing it correctly, or how to progress exercises further.

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Menopause symptoms

Our physiotherapists have skills in acupuncture and Clinical Pilates that might be able to help.

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Low back pain during pregnancy

Low back pain during pregnancy is common, and can be a distressing and unwanted distraction. We will assess your back and give you a good understanding of the problem, and give you the confidence to manage your back so you can focus on more important things.

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Breathing exercises or TENS for pain relief

You might have heard about breathing exercises or TENS from antenatal classes or friends, but not know where to start. Seeing one of our Physiotherapists will give you the information you need to approach childbirth in a positive frame of mind.

Contact us at the School of Physiotherapy Clinic for more information about Women's Health, or to make an appointment.

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