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Sports Concussion and Injury Prevention


Research is focussed on safe and injury free participation in sport, recreation, and work.

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Current projects

Current projects include:

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  • Balasundaram, A. P., Athens, J., Schneiders, A. G., McCrory, P., & Sullivan, S. J. (2016). The influence of psychological and lifestyle factors on the reporting of postconcussion-like symptoms. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, 31, 197-205.
  • Clay, L., Hay-Smith, J., Treharne, G., & Milosavljevic, S. (2016). "There are risks to be taken and some just push it too far": How farmers perceive quad-bike incident risk. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 40(1), 55-61
  • Gisselman, A. S., Baxter, G. D., Wright, A., Hegedus, E., & Tumilty, S. (2016). Musculoskeletal overuse injuries and heart rate variability: Is there a link? Medical Hypotheses, 87, 1-7
  • Hegedus, E. J., McDonough, S., Bleakley, C., Baxter, G. D., DePew, J. T., Bradbury, I., & Cook, C. (2016). Physical performance tests predict injury in National Collegiate Athletic Association athletes: A three-season prospective cohort study. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 50, 1333-1337.
  • Overton, M., Reynolds, E., Clark, N., Bhana, H., Mulligan, H., Elliott, K., & Minnoch, P. C. (2016). Physical activity levels and injury prevention knowledge and practice of a cohort of carpentry students. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, 44(2), 84-90.
  • Ramsey, C. A. (2016). Running from iliotibial band syndrome: A guide for preventing overuse injuries. Strategies, 29(2), 27-33.
  • Moran, R.W, Schneiders, A.G., Major, K.M., and Sullivan, S.J. (2015) How reliable are functional movement screening scores? A systematic review of rater reliability. BJSM
  • Clay, L., Treharne, G. J., Hay-Smith, E. J. C., & Milosavljevic, S. (2014). Are agricultural quad bike loss-of-control events driven by unrealistic optimism? Safety Science, 66, 54-60
  • Lee, H., Sullivan, S. J., & Schneiders, A. G. (2014). Does a standardised exercise protocol incorporating a cognitive task provoke postconcussion-like symptoms in healthy individuals? Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport.
  • Mani, R., Milosavljevic, S., & Sullivan, S. J. (2010). The effect of occupational whole body vibration on standing balance: A systematic review. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 40, 698-709.

More publications for Sports Concussion and Injury Prevention...

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Year Project Title Funder
2015 Outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction more than two years of surgery Mark Steptoe Memorial Trust
2015 What is the long-term impact of sports concussions on the brain health of former community (amateur) rugby players? UORG
2015 He ‘Tapu te Upoko. Young Māori Sports persons and the importance of brain health in regards to concussion (Brain Injury): Development of a Health Promotion resource and implementation strategy Brain Health Core
2015 Incidence and prevalence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in female netball players in New Zealand and identification of associated risk factors - players perspective Lottery Health
2014 Incidence and prevalence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in female netball players in New Zealand and identification of associated risk factors - coaches perspective Physiotherapy New Zealand
2013 Investigating visual performance of farmers who have a history of quad bike loss of control events UORG
2012 The establishment of functional movement screening values for rugby players: an international collaboration Mark Steptoe Memorial

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Graduate students

PhD students

Rob Moran

Musculoskeletal injury prediction in high intensity strength and conditioning athletes

Angela Spontelli Gisselman

The role of heart rate variability indices in prevention of musculoskeletal overuse injuries in collegiate athletes

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News and events

Sport Medic training

Members contribute to the training of Sport Medics who provide acute injury services to community sports teams and events throughout the Dunedin and assist at the Dunedin Sports Injury Clinic.

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National and international collaborators


  • Associate Professor Paul McCrory (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Caroline Finch (University of Ballarat)
  • Willem H. Meeuwisse (University of Calgary)

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