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Politics staff in the media


  • The Brexit fairytale is unlikely to have a happy ending, Stuff, 8 May 2017 (Patman)
  • North Korea’s Kim Jong-un knows how to wield nuclear power, as even Trump has realised, South China Morning Post, 11 May 2017 (Khoo)


  • West blames Assad regime for latest chemical weapons attack in Syria. Interview, Ali Mau, Radio Live, 5 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • What follows Trump's missile strike in Syria? Interview, 12.45 - 16.35, Craig Storey, Channel 39 News, 7 Apr 2017‬ (Robert Patman)/li>
  • Implications of Trump's Syria U-turn. Interview with Mark Sainsbury, Radio Live, 10 Apr 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Escalating US-Russian tensions over Syria. Interview, Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB, Christchurch, 10 Apr 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Motives behind Pres. Trump's missile strike against Assad. Interview, George Elliott, Radio 1, Dunedin, 11 Apr 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Has Putin underestimated the resilience of the liberal order? The Listener, 15 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Syria shows perils of lawless world. Article, Sunday Star-Times, 16 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • China and US seem to be working together on North Korea threat. Interview, Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB, 17 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • China steps up pressure against Kim Jong Un regime. Interview, Hilary Barry, TVNZ Breakfast, 18 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Are the US and North Korea heading for an armed showdown? Interview, Sam Smith, 95bFM, 18 Apr. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Conflict on the Korean peninsula. The Panel, RNZ, 18 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Is China's alliance with North Korea over? Interview, Ryan Bridge, Radio Live, 18 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Kim Jong Un regime now under pressure from world's two superpowers. Interview, Vaughan Elder, ODT, 19 Apr. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • The Prospect of War and the Korean crisis, Interview with Damian Newell, The Breeze Dunedin, 20 April 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • The Dynamics of the Korean crisis and the Latest on Brexit, Interview with Owen Rooney, Radio Dunedin, 20 April 2017 (Robert Patman)


  • A national security master stroke from Trump, Asian Review, 1 Mar 2017 (Nicholas Khoo)
  • Low expectations magnified impact of Trump's Congress speech. Interview, Luke Weston, Radio Rhema, 3 Mar. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Honeymoon with rise of China is well and truly over, Bangkok Post, 11 Mar 2017 (Nicholas Khoo)
  • Does Trump administration spell end of Liberal era in global politics? Stuff World News, 13 March 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Rise of Wilders and Brexit unlikely to threaten EU. Interview, Mark Hathaway, TVNZ News, 15 March 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Trump administration and democracy, America, and world. Interview with Kenny Ardouin, Plains FM 96.9, 16 Mar 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • World afloat in sea of debt, ODT, 22 Mar 2017 (Philip Nel and Can Cinar)
  • Initial analysis of Westminister terror attack. Skype interview with Kim Vinnell, TV3, first 1-4 mins, 23 Mar. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Westminister terror linked to anti-ISIS coalition meeting? Interview, Hilary Barry, Breakfast TVNZ, 23 March 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Did New Zealand make any impact on the UN Security Council? NZ Listener, 24 March 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Despite military reverses, ISIS remains a global threat. Interview with Hilary Barry, Breakfast TVNZ, 24 March 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Westminster terror highlights needs to end Syrian civil war. Interview with Duncan Garner, AM Show, 24 March 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Rules of engagement and the 'fog of war'. Interview, The Project, TV3, Interview, segment begins after 6 minutes in, 27 Mar 2017 (Robert Patman)


  • Is President Trump a threat to US democracy? Interview with Craig Storey, Channel 39 News, 12.20 - 17.30, 2 Feb 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • South Korea and US-China Relations-A Shrimp Among Whales? Asia New Zealand Foundation Bulletin, 9 Feb 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • International Roundtable discusses rise of post-truth populism, University of Otago (starts at 4:18), 10 February 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • The anti-establishment facade of the Brexit and Trump victories. John Gibb, ODT, 11 Feb 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Kim Jong-un tests Trump administration's ties with Tokyo and Seoul. Interview, Ali Mau, Radio Live, 13 Feb 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • The turning points of politics, ODT, 22 Feb 2017 (Bryce Edwards)


  • NZ's spell on UNSC nudged UN towards much needed reform. Interview with Anusha Bradley, RNZ, 4 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Trump soft on Putin but tough on China. Interview, Ryan Bridge and Leanne Malcolm, Radio Live, 10 Jan 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Trump declines question from "Fake" news reporter. Interview, Trudi Nelson and Mike Puru, Radio Live, 12 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Growing concern geography is no protection in cyber age. Interview, Bevan Hurley, Sunday Star-Times, 15 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • New Zealand's good ties with Israel despite diplomatic row. Interview, Business Desk, Sharechat, 17 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Why May government accepts poorer UK for sake of Brexit. Article, Stuff, 17 Jan 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Inspiring video presentation on Climate Change negotiations by High School students during Hand-on-Politics week, YouTube, 18 Jan 2017
  • Prof Philip Nel provides a very insightful analysis of corruption in politics. ODT, 18 Jan. 2017 (Professor Philip Nel)
  • "Donald Trump, climate denial & other obstacles to science diplomacy". Article, NZ Listener, 18 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • How did NZ perform on the UNSC? Prof Rob Ayson, Hon David Parker and I discuss this. Outspoken, RNZ, 19 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Debating the merits of NZ's UNSC resolution on two-state solution in M/E: Summer Report, RNZ, 19 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Important that media resist "alternative facts" of President Trump's team. Interview, Radio Live, 23 Jan 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • President Trump remains in campaign mode at beginning of his administration. Interview with Luke Weston, Radio Rhema, 23 January 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Helen Clark will not lack job options after UNDP role. Interview with Graeme Hill, Radio Live, 26 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Concerns mount Trump agenda will sideline science in international relations. Alexandra Witze, Nature, 27 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)
  • Will Trump's immigration stance boost terrorist threat? Mike Puru and Trudi Nelson, Radio Live, 30 Jan. 2017 (Robert Patman)


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