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Kiwi Phonics

The teaching of phonics is recommended by the Ministry of Education. (Effective Literacy Practice in Years 1 to 4, 2003)

Kiwi Phonics is a carefully sequenced series of books introducing written sounds to new readers in a logical progression. Each book introduces new sound-letter combinations, building incrementally on previously learned skills and information.

Each box comes with a How to use Kiwi Phonics booklet that contains information and instruction on how to use the books, and the order in which they should be used.

Kiwi Phonics has been used successfully in New Zealand classrooms. The books are suitable for use with any reading programme.

For more information:

What is Kiwi Phonics?
How to use Kiwi Phonics Readers

Available Now

Level 1

Level 1 books gradually introduce the consonants and five of the vowel sounds. They introduce segmenting and blending skills, and are designed to be used sequentially.

15 books (8pp each). Single set: $45. Set of 4 boxes: $170.

Kiwi Phonics Level 1 imageKiwi Phonics Level 1text

Level 2

Level 2 builds on the sounds and segmenting/blending skills already learned, progressing to words where consonants are grouped together.

10 books (16pp each). Single set: $45. Set of 4 boxes: $170.

Kiwi Phonics Level 2 imageKiwi Phonics Level 2 textKiwi Phonics level 2 drawing

Level 3

Level 3 introduces the reader to the concept that there can be alternative ways of spelling sounds in English. Each book focuses on one target sound, and includes words that spell the sound differently.

20 books (5 x 8pp, 15 x 16pp). Single set: $85. Set of 4 boxes: $320.

Kiwi Phonics Level 3 imageKiwi Phonics Level 3 textKiwi Phonics Level 3 image


Level 4

This final level will give the reader more practice with multi-syllable words.
15 books (16pp each). $70 approx.

All prices include GST
Kiwi Phonics books are written by Heather Deighton-O'Flynn, Diane Miller and Brian Miller.