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Submitting work to Landfall

Landfall contains literary fiction and essays, poetry, extracts from work in progress, commentary on New Zealand arts and culture, work by visual artists including photographers and reviews of local books. (Landfall does not accept unsolicited reviews.)


Who can submit?
How to make a submission
Deadlines for submission
Contact us

Who can submit material to Landfall?

Landfall is open to work by New Zealand and Pacific writers or by writers whose work has a connection to the region in subject matter or location. Work from Australian writers is occasionally included as a special feature.

The editor is interested in new work that has not been published before. While many established names appear in Landfall's pages, the editor and Landfall's readers are always on the lookout for exciting work from new writers and artists. If you are a new writer, find copies of Landfall in bookshops and libraries to get a sense of what is published.

How to make a submission

• Email submissions are preferred and should be sent as a Word document or .rtf file to Please save your file with your name, e.g. john_smith_submission.doc

• Hard copy submissions should be sent to Landfall, c/- Otago University Press, PO Box 56, Dunedin. Please include an email address if you have one, for correspondence. We do not return submissions unless specifically requested (please include a stamped, addressed envelope if you desire this).

• Include your name on each page of your submission.

• All submissions must have a covering email/letter providing your email and postal addresses, and a brief biography of about 30 words.

• Do not send work that has been published before.

Poets please submit no more than 10 poems per issue.

Prose contributors please submit no more than three pieces per issue (unless the pieces are exceptionally short). Include the word length of each piece below the heading on the first page. Preferred word length is up to 5000 words.

• All submissions will be acknowledged on receipt. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, email

Landfall is published six-monthly. Submissions may be made at any time and will be considered for the next issue. We send acceptance/rejection letters once all submissions have been considered and the issue's contents list has been completely finalised (this is usually the month before or of publication). Submissions will not be held over for future issues unless you have been contacted and agree to this.

Deadlines for submission

Deadlines for submissions are 10 January for the May issue and 10 June for the November issue.

Contact us

Post: The Editor, Landfall, Otago University Press, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 479 4155
Facebook: Landfall Journal