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William Marsters

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William-MarstersWilliam Marsters

William Marsters does not hesitate when it comes to recommending his university experience to other students. “Put me in a room with anyone,” he says, “and I’ll persuade them to come to Otago.”

William’s father is Cook Islands Māori, and his mother is New Zealand European. He went to school in Tauranga, but decided to study at Otago because he had heard others “singing its praises”. Now, he is only too happy to do the same. “I’m loving it here,” he says with a grin.

Studying in a different city gave William the chance to “branch away from home and into life”, an important step in gaining independence, he believes.

And here, the Otago “student lifestyle” has provided William with a positive way of discovering and fostering his passions, he says.

His aptitude with figures and interest in economy meant a commerce degree was the natural choice. William has since narrowed his focus to Economics and Finance, with a minor in Management.

Meanwhile, he flats with students he got to know while living in Knox College, commenting that many of the people he met there have become “lifelong friends”. His position as a football coach at Knox enables him to remain connected with the college, and provides good time out from his studies.

William intends to travel after he graduates, and may even live in the Cook Islands for a while, as he has family over there. However, he is certain that he will come back to New Zealand to work. “New Zealand is the place for me.”

But for now, William is enjoying making the most of his time at the University. “I just can’t picture myself anywhere else... It’s a great place to study.”