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Forms and resources

Request forms

With internet access, it is easy to order evaluation questionnaires using Otago inFORM. You can start right away by logging in with your University username and password.

If you are unable to access Otago inFORM, fill in the relevant request form below. List the question numbers to be included from the corresponding question catalogue. Return completed request forms to the Evaluations service. Our contact details are on the right of this page.

Request a questionnaire that will be delivered online to respondents

For the student feedback questionnaire, your request form needs to reference at most 30 questions from the below catalogue.

For the coordinator/team leader evaluation, the questions are included on the request form.

Previous question categories

Authority form

Authority must be obtained if questionnaires include people other than the person ordering the questionnaire or are to be distributed to people other than the person ordering the questionnaire, or the relevant dean/head of department. See the relevant question type webpage for more information. Below is a form that can be used to obtain this authority.

Otago Teaching Profile

The Otago Teaching Profile is an evidence-based account of your development as a teacher, your achievements, and your impact on student learning.

Peer review

Evaluation service survey 2010

Many thanks to the staff who completed our Evaluation Service Survey in 2010. The response was excellent and has given us a good idea of what we are doing right and what could be improved.

About the survey

  • Staff were selected on the basis that they had used the Evaluation Service at least once during 2008 and 2009.
  • Invitations were sent to 999 staff and there were 502 responses (50.25%).
  • The survey was split into 4 sections with several Likert scale questions (1-5) followed by an open-ended comment question in each section.
  • Section A looked at evaluation processes, section B evaluation results, section C the HEDC website and section D general questions.

Survey results