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Individual teacher evaluation

The promotions policy expects you to provide evidence of the quality of all your significant teaching responsibilities as part of the documentation for promotion, confirmation and other appraisal decisions. Teacher-specific questions allow students to provide this feedback about a named teacher's teaching. Usually, you will be expected to submit HEDC reports that summarise this teacher-specific feedback for the 3 full years prior to your application.

Pre-1 Mar 2016, HEDC's individual teacher questionnaires mandated a total of 11 questions: 6 compulsory questions (5 closed and 1 free-text comment), with 5 additional questions chosen from a catalogue of 45 questions.

To allow you to run one questionnaire, where previously you may have run two, a single-questionnaire can now include the 6 compulsory teacher questions, now labelled 'teacher core' questions, alongside other non-teacher questions. You can continue to use the same teacher-specific questions you always have (the additional 45 questions can be found in the 'Additional' catalogue), or you can combine the teacher core questions with other paper or custom questions, such as the ‘Paper core’ questions.

Individual teacher reports

Pre-1 Mar 2016, individual teacher reports summarised data from the 10 closed questions they contained (5 compulsory and 5 selected from a bank of 45). Now, individual teacher summary reports will only summarise the ‘teacher core’ questions (not the 5 additional teacher questions). And, if your single questionnaire includes both ‘teacher core’ and other questions, then you will receive 2 reports: the individual teacher summary report and a report summarising all the data.

From 1 Mar 2016, for promotion purposes, an individual teacher summary report of the 'teacher core' questions replaces the previous report summarising 10 closed questions.

Different reporting scenarios:

Questions selectedReports generated
'Teacher core' onlyIndividual teacher summary report
'Teacher core' plus other questionsIndividual teacher summary report and a report summarising all the data (including the 'Teacher core' set)
No 'Teacher core' questionsA report summarising all the data

How to order a questionnaire

Go to Otago inFORM, to order a questionnaire, or read more about how to administer a questionnaire.

Confidentiality policy for individual teacher questions

Each time a set of teacher core questions are processed an annualised summary report is sent to the teacher named in the evaluation. An additional copy of this report will be sent to the relevant dean/head of department as per a policy change approved by the University’s Senate on 30 March 2016. In the rare situation when student questionnaires appear to have been altered inappropriately, they cannot be processed and will be passed to the Head of HEDC and the relevant PVC for advice.

If you are a candidate for promotion, confirmation or appraisal, you will be expected to submit the 'Evaluations of teaching: summary data' reports with your application/ report. HEDC staff are available to assist you with the interpretation of your results or to design a plan for improvement.

If you wish us to generate teacher questions for another person or/and you wish us to release the results to a third party (other than the relevant dean/department head), we will need the named teacher's authority to do so. Find an authority form on the Forms and resources page.