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Religion Seminar, Semester 1, 2014

In semester 1, the Religion seminar will again take the form of a reading group (except on 16 May). Rather than discussing a single book, we will read a series of articles, each of which will be introduced by the person who chose it as being of particular significance for their approach to the study of religion. All seminars meet at 1pm in room 4C11 in the Arts Building, and all are welcome to join the discussions.

For further information on the Religion seminar series please contact Taneli Kukkonen.

14 Mar

Taneli Kukkonen

Aaron W. Hughes, 'The Study of Islam Before and After September 11: A Provocation'

28 Mar

Ben Schonthal

Bruce Lincoln, 'Theses on Method,' and 'How to Read a Religious Text'
11 Apr

Will Sweetman

David Hume, 'The Natural History of Religion'
2 May

Elizabeth Guthrie

Paul Mus, 'India seen from the East: Indian and Indigenous Cults in Champa'
16 May

Linda Zampol D'Ortia

Red Silk and Black Cotton: Francisco Cabral’s outlook for the Jesuit Japanese mission (1570-1580)
30 May

Danilo Giambra

Heidi Campbell, 'Understanding the Relationship between Religion Online and Offline in a Networked Society'

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