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Strategic Goals 2011-2013

Childcare Association Prams in front of Clocktower
Strategic GoalsObjectives
To Improve Plant, Equipment and physical environments1. Develop a business plan for the new facilities
2. Identify and confirm funding arrangements for the new facilities
3. Identify plant and equipment, which will be transferred to the new facilities, by Jan 2012
4. Identify what new plant and equipment is required to be purchased to support the new facilities by July 2012
5. To develop a safe, sustainable and engaging children’s indoor and outdoor environments
Transition Process for Children, Families and Staff.6. Timely and effective support for children, families and staff through a staged plan for the transfer of services
7. Consult with parents during 2012 and keep them informed on the new facilities
8. Complete a consultation process with all stakeholders
9. During transition of staff ensuring the right person is appointed to the right role
Improve relationships with key stakeholders

10. Review and modify the governance structure of the OUCA in light of papers presented at the Strategic review 2011
11. Investigate, develop and execute a memorandum of understanding with the University
12. Continue to develop our bicultural commitment through building relationships with Mana Whenua.

13.Renew our relationship with OUSA with a view to strengthening it, in light of VSM
14. Continue to investigate with the College of Education the feasibility of a special exemplar relationship in teacher education

Excellence in Practices15.. Develop a shared Association philosophy which is implemented in unique and innovative ways by each centre
16. Further develop our understanding of our stakeholders expectations and requirements ( students, multicultural community)
17.. To survey parents on a regular basis
18. To explore new and effective ways to communicate with parents /Whānau
19. To have pedagogy and curriculum practices driven by evidence based teaching
20.. To use self review to support ongoing targeted development across the curriculum
Continue to recruit and retain excellent staff

 21. Provide an environment that fosters career development
22. Continuing commitment to recruiting excellent staff
23. Continue to progress towards achieving pay parity for Early Childhood Teachers in line with the education sector

To adapt our management, staffing and procedures to make the most of the new facilities24. Decisions on long and short day options are to be made by the Director following a survey of the parent community
25. Decisions on staffing ratios are to be made by the Director, before restructuring for the new centres
26. Decisions on a new, flatter, management structure are to be made by the Director, after consultation with senior staff ,and a recommendation will be made to the committee, before the end of 2011
27. Decisions about restructuring are to be made by the Committee after advice from the Director, and
a) announced to existing staff as soon as possible
b) acted on, for new positions, in February 2012
28. Names for new centres