Rubbish Skip Dates

Rubbish collection in North Dunedin

In North Dunedin, Monday is the regular rubbish collection day. Please use Dunedin City Council (DCC) rubbish bags which are available from supermarkets or OUSA offices. Other bags won't be collected so please don't use them.

DCC rubbish collection area North Dunedin

Kerbside recycling system

Blue recycling bins

Blue recycling bins take rinsed, unbroken glass bottles & jars. No other glass products, eg mirrors will be accepted.

Yellow-lidded wheelie bins

Yellow-lidded wheelie bins take paper, cardboard, rigid plastics (numbered 1-7) with lids removed, washed aluminum or steel cans.

Alternating collection days

The bins will be collected each fortnight alternating with the blue bins. Calendars on the wheelie-bins will let you know which week to put out which bin.

More information about Dunedin City Council rubbish and recycling collection

Visit the DCC website for more information about rubbish and recycling

Skips in North Dunedin

At the beginning and end of each academic year, as well as the last Friday of the month, skips are placed in locations around North Dunedin to collect larger rubbish that won't be collected in regular collections.

**Please note: when full skips are removed by the contractors towards the end of the collection period,  they may not be replaced. It's a good idea to get your rubbish to the skips as early as possible.

Skip locations

Skip Locations - Small Click on the image to see a larger map.

Skip dates for 2015

**Please note: when full skips are removed by the contractors towards the end of the collection period,  they may not be replaced. It's a good idea to get your rubbish to the skips as early as possible.
Rubbish skips are out in North Dunedin from 9am-4pm on:


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