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Enrolment Variations for Summer School Students

Aquinas students

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Summer School runs from 6 January until 20 February 2014.

It gives you an opportunity to broaden, redirect or speed up your degree programmes, or to pursue a particular interest. You may take up to 36 points. The academic standard, including examinations, and the total workload will be the same as that for the same paper in the semester programmes, but the pace of instruction and associated study will be correspondingly faster.

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Applications are due on 10 December 2013 for all students. School leavers completing Year 13 in 2013 may be able to enrol for the 2014 Summer School if they qualify for Discretionary Entrance on the basis of satisfactory Year 12 results.

Places for domestic students are subject to limitation. You are strongly encouraged to apply for summer school papers as soon as possible. The earlier your completed application is received, the stronger your chance of gaining a place in the Summer School paper or papers of your choice

If your paper has a maximum limit, submit your application as soon as possible. Consider your paper choice carefully; requests to change papers late in the application period may not be able to be accommodated.

Further information on applying is available from the Enrolment page.

Please also note that until your application has been finalised, your place in a paper cannot be held. Make sure you supply all documentation and respond promptly to any University queries so that your place is not jeopardised by delays in finalising your application.

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Approval of papers

The approval of Summer School papers is completed on your behalf by Advisers at divisional offices (with assistance from Admissions and Enrolment staff) who take into consideration matters such as fulfilment of prerequisites and the manageability of workload.

Divisional Advisers normally approve students' courses on a first-come first-served basis (based on receipt of applications) until the maximum limit for each paper is reached; however new and recommencing undergraduate students who do not qualify for Preferential Entry may be subject to further assessment and selection for admission.

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Course Confirmation and Advising

To finalise your Summer School application you must complete a Course Confirmation Form.

Course Confirmation signals your attendance at Summer School and your commitment to a particular course of study. If you have applied for a student loan, your verification of study details will not be available to StudyLink until you have completed Course Confirmation. You will not have access to University resources until you have completed Course Confirmation.

If you complete course confirmation after 7 January you may be charged a late course confirmation fee.

International student

Collect your Course Confirmation Form from the International Office on Monday 6 January or Tuesday 7 January 2014.

On-campus student

For students taking one or more papers on campus in Dunedin your form will be posted to you in mid-December. You can submit your completed Course Confirmation Form by either:

  1. Returning your form by post prior to 3 January, providing no changes are being made to the course of study as listed on the form. If you wish to change your course after submitting your form by post you may do so by obtaining a Change of Course Form from Monday 6 January onwards.
  2. Visiting the University Information Centre from the date your receive your form up until Tuesday 7 January (to avoid incurring a late fee). If you wish to change your course you may do so on your Course Confirmation Form, subject to approval by a Divisional Adviser and places being available. Divisional Advisers will be available on 6 January to approve course changes and to advise students who wish to discuss their programmes of study.

Distance student

For students taking Distance Learning papers and students taking on-campus papers in Auckland, Wellington or elsewhere, your form will be posted to you in mid-December. You can return your form either in person at the Dunedin campus or by post. Any changes of course can be indicated on your Course Confirmation Form.

Please note that you have not confirmed your course by 10 January, the University reserves the right to cancel your enrolment for the course and offer your place to another student.