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Upcoming Examination Timetables


Students’ individual timetables will be displayed on PIMS prior to each written final examination period, giving the date, time, and venue for each examination they are to sit, once these details are finalised.  Distance students' date and time details will also be available on PIMS, however the examination location will be as advised by mail.

Health Sciences Professional Programmes Special Examinations Timetable

Unlike a main examination period, these details will not be available in PIMS.

The HSPP timetable will be released in mid-December.

Summer School 2014 Examinations Timetable

15 February - 20 February 2014

Paper Day Date Time
ANTH209 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
ARAB131 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
BIOA201 Thursday 20-Feb-2014 09:30
BSNS103 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
BSNS105 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
CHEM150 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
CHEM191 Monday 17-Feb-2014 09:30
CHIN131 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
CLAS240 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
COMP111 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
COMP160 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
COSC360 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
ECON112 Thursday 20-Feb-2014 09:30
EDUC101 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
ENGL127 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
ENGL251 Monday 17-Feb-2014 09:30
ENGL351 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
FORB201 Monday 17-Feb-2014 09:30
FREN105 Monday 17-Feb-2014 09:30
HIST230 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
HIST333 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
HUNT233 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
LAWS456 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
LAWS476 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
LAWS479 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
LAWS486 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
LAWS487 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
MANT358 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
MART202 Monday 17-Feb-2014 09:30
MATH102 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
MATH151 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
MATH160 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
NAUT101 Monday 17-Feb-2014 09:30
PHSE240 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
PHSI170 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
PHSI191 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 14:30
POLS230 Thursday 20-Feb-2014 09:30
POLS330 Wednesday 19-Feb-2014 09:30
RELS218 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
RELS318 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
RELX218 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
RELX318 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30
SPAN131 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
STAT110 Tuesday 18-Feb-2014 09:30
TOUR306 Saturday 15-Feb-2014 09:30


Semester One Examinations Timetable

4 June - 18 June 2014

The Semester One examinations timetable will be released in mid-April.



Semester Two and Full Year Examinations Timetable

15 October - 8 November 2014

The Semester Two and Full Year examinations timetable will be released in late August.