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Study Timetables

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Timetables of lectures, tutorials, laboratories and other classes for most papers are arranged centrally in order to make the most effective use of the University’s buildings and facilities.

In most cases, your papers will have a timetable of classes into which you are streamed. Information on the timetable, streaming and rooms is displayed in your personal timetable in eVision.

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The University reserves the right to amend the timetable in response to the introduction of such changes (including addition, withdrawal or restructuring of papers and programmes) as it may judge to be necessary or desirable and/or in response to variations to the numbers of students enrolled in specific papers.

View the University timetable

The University Timetable may be viewed online through the Web Timetable Viewer. You can choose to view the timetable by paper(s) or room(s) within a selected time frame.

Access Web Timetable Viewer 2016

The timetable displays information on class times and locations of:

  • lectures
  • tutorials
  • laboratories and practicals
  • seminars
  • workshops
  • film screenings
  • terms tests

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Streaming and room allocation


Streaming is required for those classes where the number of students enrolled means that students need to be separated into different lectures, tutorials or laboratories. You will be allocated to specific streams by eVision at the time you select your papers. The system will make a best fit to avoid clashes with other papers and to take into account enrolments across the paper.

Prior to the release of the roomed timetable, the timetable is provisional. There will be further amendments to streams as numbers fluctuate, streams are added and removed by departments, and populations are balanced.

Shortly prior to the start of the semester, the roomed timetable is released to eVision, and you will be advised to check your timetable. At this point the timetable is no longer provisional, and you will be able to see any changes that have been made since selecting your papers. If you are streamed into a specific class, it is important that you always attend this stream.

If you need to change your allocated stream or have not been streamed into a class, you should contact the relevant teaching department for advice. It may be possible to request stream changes from academic departments, however there is no guarantee that departments will allow students to change streams. Some departments manage their streams very tightly due to resources and space in classes.

Room allocation

The roomed timetable will be released to eVision shortly before the beginning of the semester. Room allocations can change before or during the first weeks of a semester.

If an allocated room has to be changed after room information is first displayed in eVision you will be notified through Blackboard, email, departmental noticeboards or in class.

Teaching locations

You can find the location of teaching venues, computer rooms, exam locations and more using the room information in your timetable in eVision, by looking at Otago Maps or you can view a printable version of the Dunedin Campus Map (641Kb in PDF format).

If you require further assistance in locating a room, you may contact the University Information Centre staff who can also assist you.

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Timetable planning chart

Many students find it useful to plan their timetable before selecting their papers. View the timetable planner page from the Guide to Enrolment.

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Preliminary lectures

Preliminary lectures for first semester and full-year papers are held by many, but not all departments on the Friday prior to the first week of lectures. They provide information on where formal lectures will be held and other relevant information about the papers in which you are enrolled.

Once the times and venue for Preliminary Lectures have been confirmed, this information will be available from the Preliminary Lectures page

There are no preliminary lectures for second semester papers. Contact the relevant teaching department for information.

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Booking a room

Students may book a room for appropriate group activities where spaces are available. To request a booking, please email

Further information is available from the Casual Room Bookings page.

Timetable information for staff

View timetable information for University staff, including the late timetable change request process.

Review and confirm your papers

* Indicates mandatory fields.

Programme-specific questions*
Confirmed Bachelor of Commerce
Confirmed Bachelor of Science
Special permission

Apply for Special Permission when you can’t pick a paper in paper selection for some reason, such as:

  • you don’t have a prerequisite or another rule blocks your selection;
  • the paper is not available in your programme;
  • you want to repeat a paper to get a better grade (e.g. LAWS101 or ACCT102); or
  • you want to repeat a Special Topic paper.

Apply separately for each paper you seek special permission for.

Do you need to request Special Permission to add a paper?

If you wish to repeat a paper that you have previously passed you must be enrolled on a Certificate of Proficiency (COP). If you are not enrolled on a COP, select Programmes and papers to do so now. If your request for Special Permission is for another reason, select Request Special Permission.

Programmes and papers

You selected these papers

Bachelor of Science

Major(s): Ecology

Period Paper Paper name Points EFTS Campus Notes
S1 BTNY201 Plant Functional Biology and Biotechnology 18 0.1500 Dunedin
S1 EAOS111 Earth and Ocean Science 18 0.1500 Dunedin
S1 ECOL211 Ecology of Communities and Ecosystems 18 0.1500 Dunedin
S1 GEOG101 Physical Geography 18 0.1500 Dunedin
S2 BITC202 Animal Ethics 18 Dunedin
S2 BTNY202 Plant and Fungal Diversity 18 0.1500 Dunedin
S2 COMO101 Modelling and Computation 18 0.1500 Dunedin
S2 COMP111 Information and Communications Technology 18 0.1500 Dunedin
Bachelor of Commerce

Major(s): Accounting

Period Paper Paper name Points EFTS Campus Notes
SS BSNS103 Marketing and Consumption 18 0.1500 Dunedin
SS TOUR102 Global Tourism 18 0.1500 Dunedin
  • Distance learning
SS TOUR214 Introduction to Wine Business 18 0.1500 Dunedin
  • Departmental permission


Review these items

This is where we will display items that you should check before confirming your papers. For example, you have chosen papers at different locations.

  • You have chosen papers that are delivered both on campus and by distance learning.
  • You have a timetable clash. Please review the details of your clash(es) below and see further information on timetable clashes before submitting for Course Approval.
      Papers BTNY202/PP1 and COMO101/LL1 have a clash from 14:00 - 15:00 on Monday in week(s) 28-34,36-41
      Papers BTNY201/LL1 and EAOS111/LL1 have a clash from 12:00 - 13:00 on Tuesday, Thursday in week(s) 9-12,14-22
    In the comments box at the bottom of the page, please indicate whether you are seeking approval for an Allowable Timetable Clash or an Exceptional Timetable Clash. If it is an Exceptional Timetable Clash, please explain why your timetable clash(es) should be approved and how you intend to manage your studies to accommodate the clash(es).
  • You have chosen a workload above the recommended limit. Please reduce the number of papers you've selected. Most full-time students undertake three or four papers each semester.
Timetable clash request comments
These items are still pending. You will receive an update in your portal.

You requested Special Permission for these papers:

Programme Period Paper Paper name Points EFTS Campus Notes
Bachelor of Science S2 CHEM202 Organic Chemistry 18 0.1500 Dunedin
Bachelor of Commerce S1 ENGL337 Creative Writing: Travel Narratives 18 0.1500 Dunedin

You wish to be removed from these papers if your Special Permission request is approved:

Programme Period Paper Paper name Points EFTS Campus Notes
Bachelor of Science S1 BTNY201 Plant Functional Biology and Biotechnology 18 0.1500 Dunedin

EFTS is an indicator of your workload. Further information regarding EFTS may be found here.

The University may need to change your timetable so please check it again just before the semester starts. Some papers do not have timetabled events, in which case you should consult the department for further information at the beginning of the semester.

The course fee assessment is an indicative cost and will be confirmed when you are issued an invoice.

Departmental Permission papers are included in the points, EFTS and timetable shown below.
Special Permission papers are not included.

  Points EFTS
Main enrolment period 144 1.0500
Summer School 54 0.4500

View your provisional timetable based on your current paper selections (doesn't include departmental or special permission papers).

Course Fees Assessment Total NZ$ 9,313.80

This is not an invoice. You will be notified when an invoice is available.

Course Approval and course advice

Want some course advice or paper information?

Still have questions? Contact the University Information Centre.


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