Probiotics in pregnancy

Improving health during pregnancy & preventing infant eczema and allergy

Expression of interest
  • This form may be completed by
    • pregnant women
    • lead maternity carers
  • Completion of this form enables researchers to make contact and discuss the study in more detail. It does not commit women to take part in the study.
  • We need to hear from women as early in pregnancy as possible, and this must be before reaching 16 weeks pregnant.

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What is the study about?

We want to find out if by giving pregnant women a specific probiotic we can:

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are helpful microbes that occur naturally in many foods such as yoghurt. They provide health benefits.

What does the study involve?

Study Capsules:

Study Visits:


Who can take part in this study?

Women taking part in the study need to:

1. Be less than 16 weeks pregnant
2. Either they (the pregnant woman) or the biological father of the unborn child must have had eczema, asthma or hay fever that was treated by a doctor at some time in the past
3. Live in, and plan to deliver in the Wellington area
Live in, and plan to deliver in the Auckland area

If you are unsure if you would meet all of the above criteria please contact us.

Please note: A range of other criteria apply to women who wish to join the study.
These will be assessed over the phone by the research staff after women register interest in the study.

If you think you may be interested in taking part in this study please contact us as early in your pregnancy as possible by expressing your interest here

What are the benefits of taking part in this study?

Being involved in this study means that:

Who is conducting this study?

This research is being conducted in two centres, (Wellington and Auckland), and is being run by a group of experienced researchers collaborating across several different institutions. Several members of this group have successfully completed a similar large scale research using probiotics in pregnancy women and infants in the past.

Wellington Investigators:

(a) University of Otago
(b) Victoria University of Wellington
(c) Capital and Coast District Health Board

Auckland Investigators:

(d) Auckland University
(e) Auckland City Hospital

Ethics & Funding

This study has received ethics approval through the Multi-region Ethic Committee and is primarily funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

Contact Us

If you are interested in this study please express your interest today,
or for further information contact:

Free phone : 0800 NOALLERGY; or

Wellington Region:
Phone: (04) 918 6889
Text: 022 3172546

Auckland Region:
Phone: (09) 923 3979
Text: 021 1045343

Further Information


1. Interviews Radio NZ Checkpoint interview Thursday 21 February 2013


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