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Our people in the Department of Medicine

Head of Department

Dr Rebecca Grainger

Administration staff

Connah Podmore (5th Year Undergraduate Programme Administrator)
Tel 64 4 385 5594

Alison Edmonds (Trainee Intern and 4th year Undergraduate Programme Administrator)
Tel 64 4 918 6923

Maria Risoli (RTRU Administrator)
Tel 64 4 385 5591

Andi Buchanan (Post Graduate Programme Administrator for the Occupational and Aviation Medicine Unit )
Tel 64 4 385 5590

Angela Stevenson (WellSleep Administrator)
Tel 64 4 920 8819

Cris Alip (Finance Administrator)
Tel 64 4 920 6899 

Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus Carl Burgess


Julian Crane (Professor of Epidemiology) Extn 5258

Mark Weatherall (Professor of Medicine) Extn 4817

Adjunct Professor

Richard Beasley (Respiratory Medicine) 

Associate Professors

Jeremy Krebs (Deputy Head of Department) Ext 5894 Email Levack (RTRU) Extn 6279 Email

Stewart Mann (Honorary Associate Professor) Ext 6793 Email

Alister Neill Extn 5618

Jean Hay-Smith (RTRU) 64 3 4747007 Email

Anna Ranta 04 806 2581

William Taylor Extn 4801 Email
Andrew Harrison Mob 0272205064 Email

Research Associate Professor

Rob Siebers Extn 6838 Email

Senior Lecturers 

Dr Angela Campbell (WellSleep) +64 4 9208819 Email

Dr Stephen Inns Ext 6848

Dr Rob Griffiths (Occupational and Aviation Medicine) Extn 5592 Email

Dr Mike Tweed  Extn 5456 Email

Dr Rebecca Grainger (RTRU) Extn 4031 Email

Dr Sisira Jayathissa Mob 021707410 Email

Dr Fiona Graham (RTRU)64 3 337 1317 Email

Senior Research Fellows

Dr Tristram Ingham (Wellington Asthma Research Group) Extn 6842 Email

Dr Kristin Wickens (Wellington Asthma Research Group) Extn 6780 Email

Research Fellows

Bernadette Jones  Extn 6845 Email

Caroline Shorter Extn 6714 Email

Christine Barthow Extn 6237 Email

Phillipa Barnes Extn 6837 Email

Assistant Research Fellows

Daniel Aldridge

Lauren Bailey

Claire Honeywill


Julie Myers Extn 4629 Email

Elliot Bell (RTRU) Extn 4894 Email

Clinical Senior Lecturers

Dr David Abernethy Neurology
Jonathan Adler Palliative Care
Andrew Aitken Cardiology
Russell Anscombe Cardiology
Leila Arnold Renal
Kate Barnard
Catherine Barrow Oncology
Sarah Barton Oncology
David Bourke Neurology
Raymond Bruce Clinical Skills
Christina Cameron Clinical Pharmacology
Owais Chaudhri TI Supervisor Palmerston North
Caroline Chembo Renal
Kate Clarke Oncology
Russell Clarke Aviation Medicine
Andrew Davies Respiratory
John Delahunt Endocrinology
Dorothy Dinesh Internal Medicine
Alwyn D’Souza Oncology
Sinead Donnelly Palliative Care
Keith Dyson Cardiology
Jamie Evans Oncology
Colin Feek
Kathy Ferrier Cardiology
David Fitzgerald Aviation
Peter Fortes Aviation Medicine
Rosemary Hall Endocrinology
David Hamilton Oncology
Scott Harding Cardiology
Nicola Hay Renal Medicine
Paul Healy Rheumatology
Nicholas Humphries Radiology
Douglas Iupati Oncology
Sisira Jayathissa Clinical Skills
Ben Johnston Aviation Medicine
Carol Johnson Oncology
Matthew Kelly Gastroenterology
Jeremy Lanford Neurology
Murray Leikis Renal Medicine
Marion Leighton Internal Medicine
Katia Liang
Andrew Linton Internal Medicine
Brendan Luey Oncology
Philip Matheson Renal Medicine
Philip Matsis Cardiology
Amanda McNaughton Respiratory
Rudy Morrice Respiratory
Stuart Mossman Neurology
Nichola Naidoo Oncology
Mark Newson-Smith Aviation
Anna Nicholson Oncology
Brendan Ng
Anne O’Donnell Oncology
Timothy O’Meeghan Clinical Skills
Kyle Perrin Internal Medicine
Grant Pidgeon Renal Medicine
Susan Plunkett Cardiology
Joanne Rodwell Internal Medicine 
David Robiony-Rogers Respiratory
Howard Roby Aviation
Ian Rosemergy Neurology
Alexander Sasse Cardiology
Kate Scott Geriatrician
Mark Simmonds Cardiology
Nigel Stace Gastroenterology
Richard Stein Gastroenterology
James Taylor Internal Medicine
Tom Thompson Internal Medicine
David Tripp Internal Medicine
Geoff Tothill Aviation
Matt Webber Cardiology
John Wilson Endocrinology
Neil Wilson Oncology
Jeffrey Wong Clinical Skills
John Wyeth Gastroenterology

Adjunct Senior Lecturers

Chris Stewart-Patterson Aviation
Michael Haney Aviation

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturers

Charlotte Bennett Aviation
Tim Gilmore Aviation
Ian Mollan Aviation
Pooshan Navathe Aviation
Heid Su, Capital Coast District Health Board
Niels Dugan, Wairarapa District Health Board
Nigel Raymond, Capital Coast District Health Board
Justine Travers, Hutt Valley District Health Board
Tom Middlemiss, Te Omanga Hospice

WellSleep Sleep Investigation Centre, Bowen Hospital, Churchill Drive, Crofton Downs, Wellington

Tel +64 4 920 8819
Web WellSleep Sleep Investigation Centre website

Dr Angela Campbell (Manager)

Michi Imazu (Clinical Physiologist)

Angela Stevenson (WellSleep Administrator)

Helen Hills (Clinical Physiologist)

Deirdre Sheppard (Sleep Technologist)

Shelley Mather (Clinical Physiologist)

Maarten Ruiter (Clinical Physiologist)

James Miller (Clinical Physiologist)

Stephanie Black (Clinical Physiologist)

Wellington Asthma Research Group

Enquiries 64 4 385 5589
Web Wellington Asthma Research Group website

Professor Julian Crane (Director) Extn 5258, Mob 027 451 9725

Christine Barthow (Research Fellow) Extn 6237

Dr Tristram Ingham (Senior Research Fellow) Extn 6842, Mob 021 212 5336

Bernadette Jones (Research Fellow) Extn 6845, Mob 027 600 3868

Daniel Aldridge (Assistant Research Fellow)

Phillipa Barnes (Research Fellow) Extn 6837, Mob 027 740 0012

Isobel Franklin (Assistant Research Fellow)

Caroline Shorter (Research Fellow)  Extn 6714

Rob Siebers (Research Associate Professor)  Extn 6838

Dr Kristin Wickens (Senior Research Fellow)  Extn 6780, Mob 021 023 46804

Fiona Hood, (Clinical Research Nurse) Extn 6843

Ms Lauren Bailey (Assistant Research Fellow) Extn 6502 Email

Ms Janice Kang (Assistant Research Fellow) Extn 6883 Email

Claire Honeywill (Assistant Research Fellow) Extn 6856 Email