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Enjoy nicotine

Blade-logoAre you a smoker? Regardless of whether or not you want to quit smoking, we would like to invite you to try some nicotine replacement therapies so you can see what they are like. After you try the therapies we can give you a free sample of them to use at your own pace for a week. If you would like to try out some nicotine products, then please visit one of our stalls.

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New trial offering smokers the chance to try Nicotine Replacement Therapy

What kinds of nicotine replacement therapy are available?

We have the standard therapies, as well as newer therapies that you probably have not tried before:

What happens at the stalls?

You get to select a range of nicotine replacement therapies to try, and rate what you think of them on our iPad. You can sample as many different products as you want. If you want, you can take a free sample of your favourite therapies away with you to use at your own pace for a week. We will then phone you a week later to see what you thought of the therapies you took away with you.

Within one week later

We will phone you within a week after you visit the stall, to ask you about how much you used the therapies and what you thought of them. We will also ask you if you would like to keep using the therapies and whether you would like to set a target quit date. If you are not ready to set a quit date at this time, that is OK, you might want to keep on using the nicotine replacement therapy to reduce your smoking until you are ready to quit. You can get more nicotine replacement therapies by visiting the stalls to buy them. The standard therapies will cost the same as a quit card ($5 per product), and the QuickMist mouthspray and Inhalator will cost $20 each (they will last about a week).

Two weeks after you first came to the stall

We will phone you (or you can come to see us at the stalls) to see how you are going, whether you used any nicotine replacement therapies, and what you thought of them, and how much you are smoking or if you have quit.

Further follow-up

We will continue to regularly phone you to ask you how much nicotine replacement therapy you are using, how much you are smoking, how often you don’t smoke, and what you thought of the nicotine replacement therapy. We will try to contact you 4, 8, and 18 weeks after your first visit to the stall. You can visit the stalls for further assistance whenever you want.

Quit and Win

By taking part you will have the chance to win money if you quit smoking on at least one timepoint between when you first some to see us and twelve weeks later:

  • $750 if you attend the stalls a day or two after your target quit date, and at least four weeks after your target quit date, and one last time between twelve to eighteen weeks after your target quit date, and your exhaled carbon monoxide (CO) level verifies that you have not smoked at all of those time-points.
  • $250 if you attend the stalls and your exhaled carbon monoxide level verifies you had not smoked on at least one time-point between one to eighteen weeks after you first visited the stall.

Where are the stalls located?

  • Upper Hutt mall; 181 Main Street, Upper Hutt
  • Wainuiomata mall; 18 The Strand, Wainuiomata
  • We are no longer at the Queensgate Shopping Mall, we are at two nearby locations:

      1.  Te Awakairangi Health Network; Level 4, 330 High Street, Lower Hutt

            Ara and Alice work at Te Awakairangi, their contact details are:

               Ara - 027 301 1522                                                                                                         

               Alice - 027 828 8516                                                                                                       

     2.   Kokiri Marae Health and Social Services; 7-9 Barnes Street, Seaview              

               Karen works at Kokiri, her contact details are: 021 158 2935

               Tama is based at Kokiri, his contact details are: 021 324 381

  • We are no longer at North City Shopping Mall in Porirua, we are just down the road at Te Runanga O Toa Rangatira Inc Ora Toa Health Unit; 20 Ngatitoa Street, Takapuwahia, Porirua
    Tai and Molly work at Te Runanga, their contact details are:

               Tai - 021 859 720

               Molly - 027 885 0378

  • Muaupoko Tribal Authority in Levin (306 Oxford Streeet)
  • Te Wakahuia Manawatu Trust in Palmerston North (56 Pembroke Street, Highbury, Palmerston North)
  • Dannevirke at Mitre 10 and the Warehouse (at some days of the week)
  • Community venues in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Porirua, Palmerston North, Levin, Shannon, Otaki, Dannevirke.

Stall hours

Upper Hutt Mall
Thursdays until end of October 2014
Hours: usually from 9:30am to 5pm

Wainuiomata Mall
To be announced

Who has funded this?

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Health to help New Zealand achieve the 2025 Smoke Free Vision.

Who is running this?

This study is being conducted by the University of Otago in Wellington in conjunction with:

  • Te Runanga O Toa Rangatira Inc Ora Toa Health Unit in Porirua, Wellington
  • Te Awakairangi Health Network in Lower Hutt, Wellington
  • Te Wakahuia Manawatu Trust Hauora in Palmerston North
  • Kokiri Marae Health and Social Services in Seaview, Wellington

Facts about smoking and nicotine replacement therapy

Is nicotine replacement therapy safe?
Yes. Nicotine is safe, the dangerous part of smoking are the chemicals that are in the tar and the chemicals that are formed when tobacco is burned.

Is nicotine replacement therapy effective?
Yes. Nicotine replacement therapy doubles your chances of remaining quit a year after to try to quit. The proportion of smokers who remain quit for a whole year is 4% if they quit cold-turkey; 5% if they use a placebo (a ‘medicine’ that does not contain nicotine); and 10% if they use nicotine replacement therapy.

If you have used nicotine replacement therapy in the past, and it was not effective for you, then it is still worthwhile to use it again. Even though nicotine replacement therapy doubles smokers’ chances of quitting, nonetheless 90% will relapse to smoking within a year. So if this has happened to you, you are not alone. It is still worthwhile to try again. You may want to try a different kind of therapy, and/or try a higher dose, and/or try to use a number of products at the same time (like patch + mouthspray; or patch + mouthspray + inhalator, for example).

How long should I keep using nicotine replacement therapy for?
It is best to keep using nicotine replacement therapy for at least three months. It is much safer to keep using nicotine replacement therapy for the rest of your life, if that is what it takes to keep you smoke-free.

What if I cannot quit smoking?
If you use nicotine replacement therapy and cannot quit smoking, do not despair. You could talk to your GP about medicines to help you quit (like Champix or Zyban). You can also keep using nicotine replacement therapy to help you reduce your smoking. As long as you reduce your smoking by more than 50% (with the aid of nicotine replacement therapy) then you will inhale less of the dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke and improve your health.




enjoy-teamOur team

Ara-Alice-and-Wehe-at-the-mallThree of the enjoy staff at Westfield Queensgate Mall Lower Hutt

Alice-at-mall-with-mother-and-strollerOne of the enjoy staff and a Mum trying the nicotine therapies

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