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Summer Studentships

Welcome to the Summer Studentship programme at the University of Otago, Wellington

Each year the University of Otago, Wellington hosts the Summer Studentship Programme which is made up of 10 weeks of student research projects.

Participating students will get an introduction to research methods in fields that are of interest to them, such as public health, clinical or laboratory-based research.

The Summer Studentship Programme is heavily dependent upon the financial generosity of external organisations, individuals and UOW departments that contribute funding for projects. 

An educational grant of $5,000 is paid as a non-taxable educational grant during the studentship; with the aim of encouraging students to take up a research career in New Zealand. 

The Summer Studentship Programme is open to any undergraduate student, currently enrolled at any of the University of Otago campuses and other New Zealand Universities. 

2016/17 Summer Studentship Oral Competition

We would like to acknowledge and thank the School of Medicine Health Sciences, University of Otago, Wellington for the financial contribution towards the Summer Studentship Oral Presentation prize.

The written reports were all evaluated to produce a list of the top four best reports.

The four finalist students were:

  • Grant Crane
  • Rowena Woodhams
  • Annie Noakes
  • Jacob Arahill


Grant Crane was judged the winner of the 2016/17 Summer Studentship Oral Presentation Competition.  Grant investigated the Retrospective Review of appendectomies over the last decade at a tertiary hospital in New Zealand under the supervision of Associate Professor Peter Larsen; this educational stipend was sponsored by the Surgical Trust and Acrity Health.

The runner-ups were:
Rowena Woodhams under the supervision of Dr. John Wyeth and Dr. Scott Metcalfe.
Annie Noakes under the supervision of Dr. Mickey Fan and Associate Professor Shieak Tzeng, and
Jacob Arahill under the supervision of Associate Professor Jeremy Krebs and Dr. Amber Parry-Strong.

We also thank Associate Professors William Levack and Rob Siebers for undertaking the difficult task of assessing the final reports and judging the oral presentations.

These reports are a small reflection of the enormous amount of work and commitment by the students, staff, departments and sponsors. 

The process

The process beings in late-April of every year, when an invitation is sent to all UOW campus staff and CCDHB staff who have an affiliation to the University of Otago, Wellington.  

Projects approved by a select-panel will be released in the first week of August on this web page.  [PLEASE NOTE: Some projects released may not already have funding secured] 

Students are encouraged to apply directly to the project’s supervisor with a  cover letter and a 1 page CV. The successful student, will receive an email from the Research Office with the necessary paperwork to complete. 

Some projects will require assistance in securing funding, the Research Office will start approaching seasonal funders once a list of APPROVED projects are confirmed.  When funding is secured the Research Office will let all parties know and the project can go ahead in November.  The cutoff date for projects that require assistance in obtaining funding is the 31st May; late submissions will be declined unless the supervisor is able to arrange financial support for a studentship bursary for their project.  

The time-frame of the Summer Studentship Programme is from November to February (10-weeks excluding the Christmas and New Year public holidays).  The judging of the final reports is done in mid/late-February. 
One of the conditions in the programme is at the end of the studentship the Student must have submitted a final report (consisting of a lay report and a scientific report) to the Research Office by the February deadline. 

A select-panel will review the reports submitted and choose three/four finalists to take part in the oral presentation competition in early-March. 

The competition takes place at the University of Otago, Wellington.  The finalists will meet with Emma Osborne who will assist the finalists prepare for the presentation.  The winner of the Oral Presentation Competition will be awarded the School of Medicine and Science, Wellington Summer Studentship Prize.

Information for supervisors

Supervisors must remember that projects need to be in the health-related field.  Projects submitted must have a University of Otago, Wellington academic staff member as the main supervisor. 

If Ethics is required for a project, supervisors should seek ethics approval when they submit the project application. Full ethical approval must be obtained before the project can be advertised to any students.   A copy of the current letter of ethical approval must be provided to the Research Office.

Application forms are completed online.  If you require assistance please email Tina Uiese at

Supervisors must read the Summer Studentship Handbook to ascertain the rules of the studentship programme and supervisor's obligations under the scheme. 

Information for students

Students must read the Summer Studentship Handbook and agree to the terms and conditions. 

Occasionally the research office will be sending out information, updates and reminders to students interested in possible projects.  To register on our database for these email-outs please go to:

Projects will be listed on this webpage as they become available between August and 1st October. 

Who can apply for the Summer Studentship programme?
The Summer Studentship is open to any undergraduate student who is currently enrolled at the University of Otago and at any NZ Universities.
The purpose of the studentship is to encourage undergraduate students into research careers and therefore is NOT designed for those with PhD's, Masters or who have already graduated. 

Research Office contact details

Tina Uiese
Summer Studentship Programme Administrator
Tel 64 4 918 6552

Associate Professor William Levack
Associate Dean - Research
Tel 64 4 918 6279