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Inaugural Professorial Lecture - Professor Andrew Gorman

All University, Public
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Inaugural professorial lecture
Department of Geology

About Professor Gorman's research

Andrew is a geophysicist who uses sound waves to image and analyse underground geological features – without actually having to dig them up. To use a medical science analogy, he is a radiologist for the Earth.

Seismic reflection imaging methods have been around for more than a century, during which time technological advances have greatly increased their effectiveness and reach. Most of Andrew’s work in this field involves imaging seafloor geology – with research applications ranging from reconstructions of past climate using observations of seafloor sediment, to investigating the distribution and movement of fluids within continental shelves, to mapping earthquake generating faults.

Andrew’s data are collected using sound sources and receivers that are towed behind a research vessel, or deployed on the surface of Antarctic ice shelves. He and his students collaborate with other Earth and climate scientists to make determinations of geological history that lead to better predictions of future change.

This lecture will be followed with light refreshments, tea, coffee and juice.


This event will be livestreamed, from 5:25pm Tuesday, 30 July 2024, at the link below:

Livestream link for Professor Andrew Gorman

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