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Inaugural Professorial Lecture - Professor Ceridwen Fraser

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Inaugural professorial lecture
Department of Marine Science

Losing sight of the shore: dynamic biodiversity

Ceridwen (Crid) Fraser’s research focuses on the dynamics of marine and polar ecosystems of the Southern Hemisphere. Her research combines genetics and ecology with aspects of Earth sciences - such as oceanography and geology - to understand the processes that influence patterns of biodiversity.

Crid’s team’s interdisciplinary research has helped reveal how plants and animals respond to large disturbances, for example, showing that during past ice ages, many land-based Antarctic species sheltered near warm volcanoes, while many marine species were scoured from sub-Antarctic shores by sea ice, recolonising via oceanic rafting.

Crid’s team’s research has important implications for management of biodiversity into the future, particularly in the face of rapid climate change, and has often featured in the global news. The impact of Crid’s work has been recognised by several prestigious national and international awards and fellowships. She has led major externally-funded research projects, and has collaborative networks reaching across all continents.

This lecture will be followed with light refreshments, tea, coffee and juice.

This event will be live-streamed, from 5:25pm Tuesday, 6 August 2024


This event will be livestreamed, from 5:25pm Tuesday, 6 August 2024, at the link below:

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