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From left: Tomuri Spicer, Hamish Waddell, Samuel Meikle and Gabrielle (Gabi) Summerfield.

Four musically talented University of Otago students have been selected as the recipients of the Six60 Scholarships for 2023.

Hamish Waddell, Tomuri Spicer, Gabrielle (Gabi) Summerfield and Samuel Meikle will live together and get the chance to work with one of New Zealand's most successful bands.

The scholarship was launched last year after Six60 purchased their iconic Castle Street property in 2021.

The scholarships include a $10,000 rent rebate, as well as mentoring from the band and access to the University's recording studios.

Hamish, who is studying a Bachelor of Music (Music Production), says he's still in shock after hearing the news.

“I don't think I've processed it yet. It's an amazing opportunity for me to go all out with my music.”

Tomuri, who is working toward his Bachelor of Arts (Archaeology, Māori Studies and Ethnomusicology), was “ecstatic” to hear he was a successful candidate.

“It means I have an opportunity to grow in performance and music. It's something that I can reflect on positively - I got this scholarship which means I was a good enough songwriter and performer to be recognised by the University and Six60, which is amazing.”

Tomuri says he is looking forward to getting to know his new flatmates and “learning their stories” too.

Alongside Hamish and Tomuri is Bachelor of Arts (Music) student Gabi, and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery student Samuel.

“It's kind of the dream,” Samuel says. “I have been so busy with my studies that I haven't had time to let my music flourish. This is an incredible opportunity to do that. I'm grateful to the band, they didn't need to do this, but this is how they give back to the community and it's amazing.”

Six60 band member Marlon Gerbes says this year's applicants had no shortage of talent.

“It was awesome to see and hear the new scholarship students for next year. A lot of talent and passion in all the students. It was tough to pick the final four but we got there and can't wait for the next evolution of the scholarship.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) Professor Tony Ballantyne says the intake were part of an exceptionally talented group of candidates. He congratulates these “four amazing young people” on their success.

“The outstanding four students who have been selected are really gifted and have very bright futures ahead of them. I am sure that they will represent both the University and Six60 with pride, and we look forward to following their journey over the next year and beyond.”

Kōrero by Internal Communications Adviser Chelsea McRae

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