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Staff publication in the British Accounting Review (ABDC-A*)

Thursday 21 May 2020 2:32pm

In the most recent British Accounting Review (ABDC-A*), Professors Paul Griffin, David Lont and Caroline Pomare have had accepted for publication the article: 

“The Curious Case of Canadian Corporate Emissions Valuation”


This study examines the relevance to investors of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of publicly-traded Canadian firms over 2006–2018. Based on two independent datasets, we document that firm value varies positively in the level of emissions. This result suggests that the Canadian setting differs from those studied previously, notably because of low climate litigation risk and national and subnational expenditure policies to offset climate impacts on the economy. While national and subnational expenditures to mitigate emissions affect firms’ on-balance-sheet costs and profits, investors price the future payoffs to these expenditures into firm value. Supporting this view, we find that the positive relation between emissions and firm value in Canada is amplified for high GHG-intensity firms (mainly energy firms in Alberta), whose future payoffs to environmental policies and spending exceed those of low GHG-intensity firms. Our results are consistent with investors’ recognition of the benefits to firm value of national and subnational policies to decarbonize the Canadian economy.