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Seminars Archive

2020 Seminars

Share purchase plans and bank risk

Tuesday 4 February, 11am–12pm
Professor David Tripe
Massey University (New Zealand)

Who trades price momentum? Evidence from New Zealand

Friday 7 February, 2–3pm
Mr Sampath Kongahawatte
University of Otago (New Zealand)

Pricing climate risks in bank loans: Where is the optimal price?

Friday 28 February, 2–3pm
Ms Quyen Nguyen
University of Otago (New Zealand)

Investor sentiment, noise trader risk, and the cross-section of stock returns

Friday 6 March, 2–3pm
Dr Muhammad Cheema
University of Waikato (New Zealand)

International diversification and firm performance

Wednesday 11 March, 12–1pm
Professor Chaiporn Vithessonthi
Sunway University (Malaysia)

Top ranked accounting and finance journals and climate change research inertia: An exploratory study

Friday 13 March, 2–3pm
Mr Khurshid Ali
University of Otago (New Zealand)

Incentives of corporate innovation and government subsidies

Friday 20 March, 2–3pm
Professor Takeshi Yamada
ANU (Australia)

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2019 Seminars

Corruption-conscious international investment strategies

By Dr Vitali Alekseev from the University of Technology Sydney
Friday, 12 April, 2019

Impact of Family Control and Corporate Governance on Bank Performance in Bangladesh

By Mahnoor Sattar
Tuesday, 30th April, 2019

The Effect of Financial Disclosure on Mutual Funds’ Trading and Performance

By JieXiang (Jenni) Huang
Friday, 10 May, 2019

To switch or not to switch: the role of asset growth on fund management structure

By Dr Eric Tan
Friday, 17 May, 2019

Carbon bubbles and stranded assets in financial markets

By Professor Tom Smith
Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Improving research methods in accounting and finance: What editors are looking for?

By Professor Tom Smith
Friday, 24 May, 2019

Voluntary disclosure of intellectual capital in IPO prospectuses: the role of board gender diversity

By Dr Muhammad Nadeem
Friday, 31 May, 2019

Gram-Charlier Density with Higher Cumulants

By Wei Lin
Friday, 14 June, 2019

Futures Spread Trading in Australian Commodities: Does the market is Efficient and Symmetric?

By Duminda Kuruppuarachchi
Friday, 21 June, 2019

Transition risk and stranded assets in US utilities: Financial implications from plant level data

By Sampath Kongahawatte
Friday, 28 June, 2019

Practical relevance of research event

By James Miller
Thursday 5 September, 12–1pm

The volatility index in the Chinese equity market

Friday 6 September, 1–2:30pm
By Tian Yue

2019 Accounting and Finance Symposium II: Pitching accountancy and finance research?

By Professor Robert Faff from the University of Queensland
Thursday 12 September–Friday 13 September, 9am–4pm

Industry tournament incentives and corporate innovation

Friday 20 September, 1–2:30pm
By Dr Tu Nguyen

Money as a weapon: The continuation of financial abuse post-separation

Friday 27 September, 1–2:30pm
Dr Ayesha Scott from the Auckland University of Technology

Bank risk-taking, corporate cash holdings and investment: Evidence from the global financial crisis of 2007−2009

Wednesday 2 October, 1–2:30pm
By Professor Chaiporn Vithessonthi from Sunway University

Securities class actions and innovation

Friday 4 October, 1–2:30pm
By Dr Matthew McCarten from the University of Oxford

Board representation and bank performance in Bangladesh

Thursday 10 October, 10am–12pm
By Mahnoor Sattar

Lecturing proficiency and effectiveness of New Zealand accounting and finance academics

Friday 18 October, 1–2:30pm
By Professor Ralph Adler and Dr Helen Roberts

Credit default swap and firm risk

Friday 25 October, 1–2:30pm
By Professor Hai Lin from Victoria University of Wellington

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2018 Seminars

“Firm Diversification Affects Liquidity Management: The Role of Lines of Credit”

By Associate Professor Christina Atanasova, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Friday 23 February

“Effects of Chinese Imports on U.S. Firm Innovation: Evidence from the US – China Permanent Normal Trade Relation”

By Dr Tao Chen, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Friday 16 March

“Media Coverage and Investment Efficiency”

By Associate Professor Muhammad Jahangir Ali, La Trobe University, Australia
Friday 23 March

“Don’t Ignore Inflation Ignorance: On the Relevance of Money Illusion for Economic Modelling”

By Professor Thomas Langer, Westphalian-Wilhelms-University of Munster, Germany
Friday 6 April

“Our Bankruptcy Model Performs Better….?”

By Associate Professor Michael Falta, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Friday 20 April

“Frankenstein’s Monster or the Birth of Venus? Perceptions of the Impact and Contributions of Ball and Brown 1968”

By Associate Professor Bryan Howieson, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Monday 23 April

“An Anatomy of Betting Against….”

By Dr Xing Han
Friday 27 April

“Facing Failure: Insights and Reflections from Six Students Repeating a First-Year Accounting Course”

By Nicola Beatson
Friday 11 May

“Teaching Tips from Top Teachers”

By Sherlock Licorish and David Bishop
Friday 18 May

“Electricity Market Operation: Transitioning from a Free Market to a Single Buyer Structure”

By Dr Toby Daglish, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Friday 25 May

“Are Authorized Participants of Exchange Traded Funds Informed Traders?”

By Dr Jing Zhao, La Trobe University, Australia
Friday 1 June

“Drought and Farm Intensification: Insights from New Zealand Dairy Farmers”

By Associate Professor Ros Whiting
Friday 22 June

"Life Expectancy, fundamental causes and insights into the socio-economic status of Early Scottish Chartered Accountants"

By Professor Catriona Paisey, University of Glasgow, UK
Friday 29 June

“The Effects of Tone at the Top and the Slippery Slope on Controllers’ Misreporting Behavior and Auditors’ Evaluations of Fraud Risk”

By Professor Jake Rose, Oregon State University, USA
Friday 13 July

“The Link between Terrorist Attacks and the Cryptocurrency Markets”

By Associate Professor Krishna Reddy, Australian Institute of Business, Australia
Friday 20 July

“Three Threshold Concepts and the Formal Underlying Structure of Accounting: An Intellectual Inquiry into Accounting Education”

By Dr Frederico Botafogo, Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Friday 3 August

“Climate Change Risk Impact Opportunities Tool”

By Dr Matthew McCarten, University of Oxford, UK
Thursday 16 August

“Using Equity, Index and Commodity Options to Obtain Forward-Looking Betas and Conditional-CAPM Expected Crude-Oil Spot Prices”

By Professor Ehud Ronn, University of Texas, USA
Friday 17 August

“What about your Qualitative Cousins? Adapting the Pitching Template to Qualitative Research”

By Professor Sumit Lodhia, University of South Australia, Australia
Friday 24 August

“Teaching Tips from the Business School’s Top Teachers”

By Virginia Cathro and Nicola Beatson
Friday 7 August

“Model-Free Risk-Neutral Moments and Proxies”

By Dr Frank Liu, The University of Western Australia, Australia
Friday 14 September

“I am not that Woman Anymore….Reinventing Life with Career Crafting…”

By Dr Mohini Vidwans, Lincoln University, New Zealand
Friday 21 September

“Cross Section of Option Returns and Volatility-of-Volatility”

By Dr Xinfeng Ruan, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Friday 28 September

“Together we Measure: Improving Public Service Outcomes via the Co-Production of Performance Measurement”

By Professor Deryl Northcott, Auckland Univerisity of Technology, New Zealand


By Dung Nguyen Nguyen
Friday 16 November


By Professor Balaingham Balachandran, La Trobe University, Australia
Wednesday 21 November

“QCA as a Research Approach and Empirical Technique: State of Its Application to Management/Business Research”

By Dr Konan A. Seny Kan
Friday 23 November

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2017 Seminars

“CEO network size and earnings management”

By Professor Paul Griffin, UC Davis California, United States of America
Friday 17 February

“Organisations in Pursuit of the Seemingly Impossible: Using and Assessing the Outcomes of Stretch Goals”

By Professor Chet Miller C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston
Monday 27 February

“What a Difference a Day Makes: The Impact of Trading Days on Forecast Accuracy and Management Performance Attributions”

By Associate Professor Stephen Hillegeist, Arizona State University
Friday 10 March

“The Genesis of Control Configurations During Organisational Founding”

By Professor Laura Cardinal, Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina
Friday 17 March

“A Model-Free Tail Index and Its Return Predictability"

By Dr Jinji Hao, Victoria University of Wellington
Friday 17 March

“Moving to Big Data and workforce planning: the ANZ experience”

By Ms Antonia Watson, Managing Director, Retail & Business Banking, ANZ
Friday 24 March

“NZASB Standard-Setting Update”

By Anthony Heffernan, Director Accounting Standards, External Reporting Board
Friday 7 April

“The Effects of Home Country Institutions on Under-pricing of Foreign IPOs in the US”

By Dr Jonathan Jona, University of Melbourne
Friday 21 April

“The Performance of Institutional Investors Across the Supply Chain”

By Professor Andy Puckett, University of Tennessee
Friday 28 April

“Influencing stakeholders to form perceptions using website intangibles disclosure in entrepreneurial small businesses”

by Professor Indra Abeysekera, S P Jain School of Global Management, Sydney
Friday 5 May

“Confidence matters: a study of self-efficiency beliefs in accounting education”

by Nicola Beatson
Friday 12 May

“Economic Integration Breeds Foreign Investment: Evidence from the Portfolio Allocation of Investment Funds around the World”

By Associate Professor Eliza Wu, University of Sydney
Friday 19 May

“Fatigued and Distracted: Investor Under reaction to Market Sensitive Announcements”

By , Dr Victoria Clout University of Sydney
Friday 23 June

“Country Governance and International Equity Returns”

by Professor Ben Marshall, Massey University
Friday 14 July

“Matters needing consideration in 2017 – Threats and Opportunities for New Zealand Businesses”

By Mr Warren Allen, External Reporting Board
Thursday 27 July

“Workplace safety in the Bangladesh ready-made garments industry: Examining the interplay between governance, culture and organisational behaviour”

By , professor Craig Deegan RMIT University
Friday 28 July

“Crash Risk Premium in Momentum Portfolio Returns: US and further International Evidence”

By Professor Takeshi Yamada, Australian National University
Friday 11 August

“Ethics as a strategy: Evidence from a longitudinal case study”

By Dr Sriya Kumarasinghe
Friday 25 August

“Do Corporate Managers Manipulate Disclosure through Changing 10-K File Size?”

by Dr Buhui Qiu University of Sydney
Friday 1 September

“Blowing the Whistle on Fraud: Does Employee Treatment Matter?”

by Professor Charl Johannes De Villiers, University of Auckland
Friday 15 September

“Uncovering Everyday Worlds: Exploring Variation in the way Students Perceive Accounting”

by Associate Professor Nicholas McGuigan University of Monash
Friday 29 September

“Executive pay disparity and cost of debt financing”

by Dr Daisy Chou
Friday 6 October

“Creative Accounting, Fraud and International Accounting Scandals”

by Professor Michael Jones, University of Bristol
Friday 13 October

“Governance and Liquidity Management in Australian Listed Companies”

by Dr Gurmeet Bhabra
Friday 24 November in room CO3.37 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm

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2016 Seminars

“My career in the finance sector + Q&A"

By Mr Michael Smith, Goldman Sachs Partner and Real Estate Group in Asia Pacific ex-Japan and Southeast Asia Investment Banking, based in Singapore
Wednesday 3 February

“Competition for Order flow and Price Discovery: The Curious Case of High-tech Entrants”

by Dr Gbenga Ibikunle, University of Edinburgh
Tuesday 9 February

“Inside the Director Network: When Insiders Trade Outside Stocks”

By Dr Paul Koch’s, (University of Kansas)
Monday 22 February

“Pricing initial engagements and interim reviews”

by Dr Tom Scott, University of Auckland
Friday 26 February

“Measuring SMEs’ reputation, engagement and goodwill: A tool that includes internet presence and social media following”

by Dr Ros Whiting , Associate Professor Paul Hansen and Dr Anindya Sen
Friday 11 March

“Price Discovery in Thinly Traded Futures Markets: How Thin is Too Thin?”

by Prof Martin Bohl, University of Münster
Friday 18 March

“How Performance Measurement Systems help firms achieve Intended Ambidexterity: The role of Cognitive Conflict”

by Professor Breda Sweeney, National University of Ireland
Wednesday 23 March

“Help or Hindrance? Boardroom Network Connectivity and Firm Performance”

By Dr Aaron Gilbert, Auckland University of Technology
Friday 22 April

“Who joins a sinking ship and why? Some evidence on independent directors who join fraudulent firms.”

by Prof Zoltan Matolcsy, University of Technology Sydney
Friday 29 April

“Firms’ choices of cross-listing destinations and earnings quality: A US-UK comparison”

by Prof David Emanuel, University of Auckland
Friday 6 May

“NGO collaboration and conflict mineral disclosure transparency: evidence from global companies”

by Prof Chris Van Staden, AUT
Friday 20 May

“Entering the accounting profession: the operationalization of ethnicity-based discrimination”

by Professor Rachel Baskerville, Victoria University
Friday 17 June

“Title yet to be provided”

By , Dr Victoria Clout University of Sydney
Friday 23 June

"Momentum returns, market states and market dynamics: Is China different?”

by Associate Prof Gilbert Nartea, University of Waikato
Friday 24 June

"Trading Cost Decomposition during Federal Funds Rate Announcement”

by Dr Ivan Indriawan, AUT
Friday 8 July

“Financial Analysts’ Long-term Growth Forecasts and Market Efficiency with Respect to Firms’ Innovative Efficiency”

by Prof Phil Shane, Mason School of Business, College of William and Mary, USA
Friday 5 August

“The Value of Institutional Brokerage Relationships: Evidence from the Collapse of Lehman Brothers”

by Prof Jerry Parwada, University of New South Wales
Friday 12 August

“Direct and Substitution Effects of Regulations Affecting the Scope for Classification Shifting”

by Associate Professor Mark Wilson, Australian National University
Friday 19 August

“Mandatory CSR Disclosure and Information Asymmetry: Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment in China”

by Prof Jing Shi , RMIT
Friday 26 August

“Financial Markets in the Face of the Apocalypse”

by Associate Prof Jedrzej Bialkowski, University of Canterbury
Friday 2 September

“Audit Fees, Earnings Management and Financial Statement Conformance to Benford’s Law ”

by Associate Professor Sue Wright, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia
Friday 9 September

“What I've Learned About Teaching During [GASP!!]45 Years at the University of Otago”

by A/Prof Peter Schwartz, University of Otago Department of Pathology
Friday 23 September

“Decomposing the Market, Industry, and Firm Components of Profitability: Implications for Forecasting”

by Dr Andrew Jackson, University of New South Wales
Friday 30 September

“Challenges that Lay Ahead of the IASB”

by Prof Stephen Zeff, Rice University, USA
Friday 7 October

“Board Monitoring and Covenant Restrictiveness in Private Debt Contracts during the Global Financial Crisis”

by Professor Paul Mather, La Trobe University
Friday 14 October

“Plain English’ and say-on-pay: regulatory requirements v’s potential behavioural consequences”

by Professor Lynn Hodgkinson, Bangor University
Monday 21 November

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