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Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) majoring in Finance

Apply for the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) through the Dunedin campus in 2022

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The BCom is a three-year undergraduate degree. You can major in Finance, combine it with another business major (double major) or complete a double degree.

Broad business knowledge: Finance and business skills combined

Otago Finance students will receive not only an excellent education in Finance, but will also gain a broad understanding of the business environment through completion of the seven required papers.

Plan a useful degree: Combine other subjects with your Finance major

A diverse study programme adds a valuable dimension to a Commerce degree. Popular disciplines include Mathematics and Statistics, Accounting, and Economics.

Mathematics and Statistics

The study and understanding of Finance is greatly improved by confidence in Mathematics and Statistics, therefore all students majoring in Finance are required to take some Mathematics and Statistics. Employers rate analytical skills highly, as well as the ability to analyse spreadsheets.

Students may choose to include further analytical papers in their degree such as ECON 270, ECON 271, ECON 375, and papers offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


Finance draws on Accounting records and reports, therefore Finance majors are required to complete the Accounting paper BSNS 107. Additionally, ACCT 211 and ACCT 310 are particularly useful for Finance students.


Due to a common disciplinary base it is recommended that students include Principles of Economics 2 (ECON 112) in their degree, in addition to the BCom-required paper, BSNS 104.

Microeconomic Theory (ECON 201 and/or ECON 271) is a 200-level Finance option and is recommended for students planning to proceed to postgraduate study. Students considering Honours or MBus study should note that ECON 270 is a prerequisite for FINC 301.

Students should discuss their intentions with a course advisor during course approval time or during the academic year.

Course advice

Planning your BCom in Finance

During the course approval period of each year a course advisor will assist you in planning your study programme. To help you plan your Otago studies, degree planning sheets are available from Reception for a BCom with a single or double major, and double degrees.
Students are advised to take at least one other required paper in their first year to ensure greater flexibility in their second year of study. Students are also advised to complete the 100-level requirements for at least one other BCom major to provide more options for future study.

Essential communication skills

Writing skills are an important part of both university study and later employment. The Department strongly encourages you to enhance your oral and written communication abilities. We recommend that Finance students take either ENGL 124 or LING 121.

Our Written Communication Officer is available to discuss any issues you may have with written English.

Programme requirements

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) majoring in Finance

Level Papers Points

BSNS 112  Interpreting Business Data

BSNS 114  Financial Decision Making

BSNS 115  Accounting and Information Systems

FINC 102  Business Mathematics

BSNS 111 Business and Society, BSNS 113 Economic Principles and Policy – must normally be taken in first year of study







FINC 202  Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

FINC 203  Financial Data Analysis

FINC 206  Fundamentals of Corporate Finance





FINC 302  Applied Investments

FINC 303  Financial Management

Two further 300-level papers, (one must be a FINC paper, and the other must be a  FINC, ACCT or ACFI paper)





126 further points; must include 54 points at 200-level or above. Up to 90 points may be taken from outside Commerce.



Every programme must include BSNS 111-115. At least three of these papers must be passed before enrolling in any 200-level Commerce paper, and all must be passed before enrolling in any 300-level Commerce paper. For single-degree BCom students, all five must be attempted in the first year of study or equivalent.

STAT 110 or STAT 115 will be accepted as an alternative to BSNS 112 as a required paper or as part of the major subject requirements or as a prerequisite when:
(a) the paper has been passed before the student has enrolled for a BCom degree; or
(b) a student is enrolling for both a BCom and another degree for which STAT 110 or STAT 115 is required.

Total 360

These regulations apply to students commencing a BCom or BCom(Hons) from 2011. Separate regulations exist for BCom/BCom(Hons) students.

If you are unsure about your degree structure, contact the Department to speak to a course advisor.