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Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) in Finance

Apply for the Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) through the Dunedin campus in 2023

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The DipGrad programme provides a means for non-Finance majors to undertake formal study in Finance. It also allows students who do not have the prerequisites for postgraduate study in Finance to gain a qualification while obtaining the prerequisites.

The DipGrad is a paper-base course which can be studied full-time over one year or part-time over more than one year. It is a very flexible qualification and can be structured to meet a student’s requirements. To enrol for a DipGrad, a student is expected to have a degree or diploma from a New Zealand university, or provide satisfactory evidence of appropriate training and experience.

The DipGrad programme requires papers worth at least 120 points, of which 72 points must be at 300-level.

Why study towards a DipGrad in Finance?

The DipGrad can be used:

  • to achieve professional accreditation
  • as a retraining qualification
  • to broaden the scope and update existing qualifications
  • to improve job opportunities
  • to effectively provide a second major
  • to provide a bridge to postgraduate study
  • to take advantage of extra papers taken during degree studies
  • as a convenient way to continue learning

Two DipGrad structures: Flexible and endorsed

Flexible DipGrad

If you've done extra papers during your degree and want them to be useful, you can build on them to earn a DipGrad. All you need are seven papers of which at least four are at 300 level. The papers may be from several different subjects, so the flexible DipGrad is perfect for people who have broad interests.

DipGrad endorsed in Finance

This is more specialised, and the idea is to concentrate your papers in one specific subject as if you were acquiring an extra major subject. You would need to do at least three of your 300-level papers in the subject of endorsement, but this an absolute minimum and more would usually be expected.

Whatever your chosen subject may be, the approval of the department teaching that subject is crucial and it is possible that they may require more than seven papers in total, or more than four 300-level papers in their subject. If endorsement is approved, your diploma will include the name of the subject.


Students must apply for admission onto the DipGrad programme. Because the programme is Otago-wide and not specifically Commerce, prospective students must apply by through the following steps:

Contact the Director of the DipGrad Programme,, to discuss your plans and then apply for admission to the programme in the usual way (either by selecting "Register Now" on the University of Otago homepage or by selecting "Apply Now" on the DipGrad qualification webpage).

For more information visit the Diploma for Graduates website