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Want real research experience?

Volunteering in our lab is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to gain some first-hand experience with research and working in a team. It is also experience that is great to include on your Curriculum Vitae which future employers value.

What experience can you gain by volunteering in the Active Living Laboratory?

  • Gain first-hand research experience
  • Learn how to collect data on our ongoing research projects
  • Learn research-related administrative tasks
  • Get experience in research data management
  • Work as a part of a multidisciplinary research team
  • Network, make friends and have fun!

What are the volunteering opportunities?

Our research team welcomes volunteers to assist with the data collection and data management for ongoing projects.

You can choose to help with one off events such as data collection days, or come in for a few hours each week to provide important administration support. A written reference from Dr Sandy Mandic will be available upon request.

Contact us if you would like to join our research team and get a taste of what we do.

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