The Active Living Laboratory has extensive network of collaborators in New Zealand including academics across several New Zealand universities as well as professionals from different sectors.

Our current academic collaborations in New Zealand

Photo_Kirsten Coppell_186px x 260px Photo_Michael Keall_Web Photo_Tony Moore_186px x 260px
Associate Professor Kirsten Coppell,
Dunedin School of Medicine,
University of Otago,
Professor Michael Keall,
Department of Public Health,
University of Otago
Associate Professor Antoni Moore,
School of Surveying,
University of Otago,
Photo_Susan Sandretto_186px x 241px Photo_Christina Ergler_Web Photo_Angela Curl_186px x 256px
Associate Professor Susan Sandretto,
College of Education,
University of Otago,
Associate Professor Christina Ergler,
Department of Geography,
University of Otago,
Dr Angela Curl,
Department of Population Health,
University of Otago,
Photo_Erica Hickson_Web Photo_Melody Smith_Web Photo_Anna Rolleston_Web
Professor Erica Hinckson,
Auckland University of Technology,
Associate Professor Melody Smith,
The University of Auckland,
Dr Anna Rolleston,
University of Waikato,

Our current cross-sector collaborations in New Zealand

Photo_Martin Dutton Speaker_Andrew Jackson_Web Photo_Celia Wade-Brown_Web
Martin Dutton,
Ministry of Health,
Wellington, New Zealand
Andrew Jackson,
Consulting Jackson Ltd.,
Wellington, New Zealand
Celia Wade-Brown QSO,
Living Streets Aotearoa,
Wellington, New Zealand
Photo_Gavin Kidd_186px x 260px Photo_Stacey Hitchcock_Web Photo_John Lieswyn_Web
Gavin Kidd,
Dunedin Secondary Schools
Dunedin, New Zealand
Stacey Hitchcock,
Dunedin City Council,
Dunedin, New Zealand
John Lieswyn,
Christchurch, New Zealand
Photo_Finau Taungapeau_Web Photo_Sarah Connolly_186px x 240px
Finau Taungapeau,
Pacific Community Representative,
Dunedin, New Zealand
Sarah Connolly,
Dunedin, New Zealand
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