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Do you charge for your services?

No, we are not a cost recovery centre. Our time, materials and space are free of charge, but note that we only provide archives cartons and labels to those who are intending to deposit records with us, they are not provided for general use in your office.

What should I do with departmental ex-staff files?

The Human Resources Division is responsible for the official copy of Staff/Personnel Files. Departments should forward any off-staff files to the HR Filing Administrator for assessment and collation into the official file, and they will then forward them to our department as necessary.

What should I be doing with my emails?

Some email messages and their attachments are public records, and as such the University of Otago Records Management Policy and the NZ Universities General Disposal Authority (GDA) covers the retention of work-related emails.

An email that is evidence of a decision or action undertaken on behalf of the organisation, such as a purchase or an agreement; emails involving interactions with and advice given to students; and emails that provide recommendations are all considered public records (this is not an exhaustive list) and should therefore be kept for the recommended time in the GDA for the action with which they are connected.

Can I destroy the paper originals once I start scanning/digitising them?

As outlined in s25 of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002  only if:

• the particular electronic form reliably ensures that the information remains complete and unchanged (apart from immaterial changes), and
• the information is readily accessible so that it can later be referred to, and
• you have the authority of our Chief Executive or the Chief Archivist to do so, and
• a certificate of compliance has been signed by our Chief Executive, and
• the system storing these digital versions meets the requirements of the Records Management Standard.


Because the paper version is the original source document and before a digitised version can replace the original, we need to be satisfied that it is a complete and accurate and unalterable rendition of the original.