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Major Sponsorship Guidelines

Category Administration and Management
Type Guideline
Approved by Council, 12 November 2002
Date Guideline Took Effect 1 January 2003
Last approved revision
Sponsor Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Responsible officer Campaign Officer

Please note that compliance with University Guidelines is expected in normal circumstances, and any deviation from Guidelines – which should only be in exceptional circumstances – needs to be justifiable.


These guidelines reflect the fundamental academic principles that shape the University’s relationships with sponsors.

Productive partnerships will be formed within the framework defined by the University’s academic mission and values.

The guidelines confirm the commitment of the University of Otago to a development programme of high integrity and sustainability.

Organisational scope

These Guidelines apply University-wide to all major sponsorships.


In advancing New Zealand’s first university as a world class university, Otago welcomes funding from alumni and friends of the University, corporations and major trusts and foundations. Such support is a vital addition to funding received from the Government and from tuition fees.

The University acknowledges that to be mutually beneficial, sponsorships may entail the generation of valuable consideration to the sponsor from association with the University and its activities in the area being sponsored.

  1. The purpose of the University is set out in the University of Otago Charter. One of the primary purposes of the University is to protect the freedom of staff and students to question and test current knowledge, to advance new ideas and state controversial opinions.
  2. The University values and will protect its integrity, autonomy and academic freedom. It does not accept sponsorship when a condition of such acceptance would compromise these fundamental principles.
  3. The University’s solicitation of sponsorship is informed by and consistent with academic priorities established by the appropriate University process. While sponsorship funding is used expressly for the purposes for which it is given, these purposes must be consistent with the University’s mission and academic priorities.
  4. University funds that are made available from time to time as supplements to sponsorship funding will be allocated in accordance with established budgetary procedures.
  5. Sponsorship for Chairs, Fellowships and other academic appointments, programmes and student awards must be in full accord with all relevant University policies, practices and procedures, including the Academic Staff Recruitment Process Guidelines.
  6. Naming rights associated with sponsorship will be determined in accordance with the University’s Policy on Naming.
  7. The University is committed to the highest standards of accountability against the provisions of any sponsorship agreement, and of stewardship of sponsors, in addition to agreed benefits. Formal reports to sponsors will conform to University policies, and will be coordinated and supplied by the Development and Alumni Relations Office.
  8. The terms and conditions governing the use of sponsorship funding are matters of public record, except for information that is confidential or proprietary. The Vice-Chancellor will inform the University Council of all sponsorship agreements of $50,000 or over on a quarterly basis.
  9. Where agreements contain provision for advisory boards and committees, the University will create such advisory bodies with the agreement of the relevant academic unit or units. These advisory bodies, and other forms of advice received from sponsors, will respect the policies and procedures of the University.
  10. The University does not accept responsibility for ensuring that sponsorship agreements entitle the sponsor to tax deductibility. It is entirely the sponsor’s responsibility to satisfy themselves on this matter.
  11. The University does not accept sponsorship that requires it to provide inappropriate consideration to the sponsor or anyone designated by the sponsor, such as employment in the University, enrolment in a University course of study, or a University procurement contract.
  12. The University does not accept sponsorship that involves unlawful discrimination, or involves terms and conditions contrary to the Equal Educational Opportunities Policy or the Equal Employment Opportunities Policy, or promote causes which are deemed to be contrary to the interests of the University.
  13. The Guidelines on Major Sponsorship will be given to sponsors in the course of negotiations concerning formal agreements, and the Policies and Guidelines referred to herein will be referenced in agreements as appropriate.

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