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Identity Card Sector Allocation Policy

Category Student Services
Type Policy
Approved by Chief Operating Officer, October 2008
Date Policy Took Effect 1 October 2008
Last Approved Revision
Sponsor Director, Student Services
Responsible Officer Director, Student Services
Review Date 1 November 2018


To centrally manage and allocate ‘sectors' available on the University's Identity Cards for card services.

Organisational Scope

This policy applies to University staff or Departments or groups who are required to use sectors on the chip or tracks on the magnetic stripe of the University ID card in order to provide access to services to specific groups of staff or students.


Sector – In the context of this Policy, ‘sector’ is used to describe a section or portion of either the chip or magnetic stripe of an Identity Card where data can be stored.

Policy Content


The Director, Student Services will -

(a) Receive requests for, and authorise access to, specific sectors available on the card chip or magnetic stripe as is appropriate.
(b) Maintain a register of approvals.
(c) Review use on a regular basis.

If you have any queries regarding the content of this policy or need further clarification, contact the Director, Student Services.

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