Staff members

Sue McAllister - Leader
RN(Comp) MPH PhD(Otago)

Sue trained as a nurse and worked for a number of years in community health projects in Nepal. After returning to New Zealand in 1997 she completed her Master of Public Health, worked in the Dunedin School of Medicine's AIDS Epidemiology Group, and on a number of different research projects in the Department of Preventive and social Medicine.

After completing a PhD at the end of 2012, Sue joined the Centre for International Health (CIH) and worked with the Tuberculosis (TB) Research Group based in Bandung, Indonesia, until June 2016. She is now based once again in the Department of Preventive and Social Medicine in Dunedin working part-time in the CIH on TB-related projects, and part-time in the AIDS Epidemiology Group.

Research interests include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, international health, and socioeconomic and quality of life consequences of illness.

Nigel Dickson

Nigel Dickson - Advisor

Nigel has worked in the field of HIV/AIDS epidemiology since 1990, initially as Senior Research Fellow and then as Director of the AIDS Epidemiology. He has been responsible for the regular collection, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological information on HIV/AIDS in New Zealand that has been used extensively in the development of public health policy. 

Co-director of the New Zealand Paediatric Surveillance Unit.

Co-investigator in GAPSS—the Gay Auckland Periodic Sex Surveys—that have collected information on sexual behaviour among MSM in Auckland on five occasions since 2002.

He has also been studying sexual behaviour and reproductive health in the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study since 1990, that this year is completing its age 38 assessment.

Bible Lee

Ms Bible Lee - Assistant Research Fellow
BSc(Auck) PGDipHSc(Dist) MHSc(1st Hon)(Cant)

Bible Lee completed her Master’s thesis in Christchurch. Her thesis used mixed methods. For her master’s thesis, she designed questionnaires and also separately interviewed 49 nurses from around the Canterbury region. Bible Lee's interest in public health research further developed when she was awarded the UC summer scholarship in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, she commenced her current role as an Assistant Research Fellow with the AEG. Prior to working for the AEG, she completed research projects for a PHO and was also a youth journalist for The Press.

Her role with the AEG has three components: database management, writing, and liaising. She is responsible for managing three databases: the national HIV database, the AIDS database, and the NZPSU Perinatal HIV exposure database. All HIV and AIDS forms and Perinatal HIV exposure forms are to be sent to her. She writes the AEG confidential report for the Ministry of Health four times a year and the annual AIDS NZ newsletter under the direction of the leader of the AEG and the Ministry of Health. She has contributed to the UNAIDS report, the HIV / AIDS Country Progress Report New Zealand, and other documents.

As ARF for the AEG, she will continue to liaise and respond to requests for specific information from various organisations, individuals, and the media. Some of the stakeholders the AEG has collaborated includes laboratories, DHBs, ESR, UNAIDS, Ministry of Health, NZPSU, clinicians from around the country, and NGOs (The NZ AIDS Foundation, Positive Women Inc, Body Positive Inc).

Bible Lee has also worked as a tutor at the University of Otago since 2013. Her past presentation topics at conferences and forums have ranged from palliative services, ethnic minority health, Asian health, cultural competency, sexual health services, and HIV/AIDS. Her research interests are broad.

In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with various local community organisations, cooking, running, and drinking great coffee.

Charlotte Paul

Professor Charlotte Paul - Advisor

Charlotte Paul trained in medicine, public health, and epidemiology at the University of Otago. She worked in the department of Preventive and Social Medicine from 1981 to 2008 when she retired.

Since 2008 she has continued to work part-time teaching and supervising research students. Her main research fields were initially in the epidemiology and control of women's cancers and contraceptive safety. More recently she has worked on the epidemiology of HIV /AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, on sexual behaviour, and on socioeconomic consequences of chronic illness. She also has a long-standing interest in research ethics.

She is a former co-Director of the AIDS Epidemiology Group and is now an advisor to the Group.

Katrina Sharples

Dr Katrina Sharples - Biostatistician
MSc(Auck) PhD(Wash)

Katrina is a biostatictician who has worked in conjunction with many different researchers and on different areas of research in Preventive Medicine and other disciplines including the AIDS Epidemiology Group.

  Associate Professor Patricia Priest - Advisor

Nathan Lachowsky

Nathan Lachowsky - Visiting Graduate Student
PhD Candidate (Epidemiology)
University of Guelph
Canada Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar


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