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Aquavan for marine conservation

The coastal seascape is part of every New Zealander’s backyard, yet many of us have little notion of the complexity and diversity of life which inhabits it.

Marine. Aquavan.TouchTank
Aquavan marine touch - tank in action

The Aquavan is a new mobile resource being developed by the University of Otago.

Lead by marine educators and scientists, the Aquavan community programme aims to stimulate young minds to develop science skills and encourage more New Zealanders to play an active part in conserving our environment.

Equipped with chilled recirculating seawater tanks, the Aquavan will be used to shift marine specimens, and by the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre for community outreach initiatives, traveling to rural communities around the South Island. The Aquavan will engage the hearts and minds of communities, offering personal encounters with a rich diversity of marine flora and fauna. Live interactions will stimulate discussion and action on environmental issues. These connections will lead to a better understanding of the wider ecosystem and how land and freshwater management affects our coastal environment.

The Aquavan will encourage New Zealanders to better understand the wider ecosystem, foster science skills, and show how land and freshwater management affects our critical coastal environments.

Caring for our marine environment is not just the role of those who live next to the coast; it is a responsibility of all New Zealanders.

You can help the Aquavan initiative to make a difference by forging links between our communities and our ocean’s flora and fauna.

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