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Lecture hot picks – @Otago issue 25

Wednesday 16 December 2020 2:22pm

Lecture Hot Picks banner

Every semester Otago academics, and visiting lecturers, share a wealth of information through their public lectures – we warmly invite you to access these online.

The baggage our tourists bring

This RNZ podcast interviews Tourism Professor James Higham, who is passionate that COVID should give us a chance for a tourism reset. “We’re at a moment in time, at a crossroads now,” he says. “Where we’ve had this COVID circuit breaker and we now have the chance to really critically think about what the future might hold.”


Diabetes: Remission of Type 2 Diabetes via specific dietary intervention

Otago’s Healthier Lives is excited to share a 30-minute online presentation from Professor Mike Lean (University of Glasgow) about the DiRECT study from the UK. This study provides compelling new evidence that a specific dietary intervention designed to achieve significant weight loss can result in remission of Type 2 diabetes and improvements in the function of the pancreas in the majority of those able to reach the target weight loss. The findings are tremendously encouraging for people affected by Type 2 diabetes.


Graeme Downes looks back

Dr Graeme Downes is interviewed by Kathryn Ryan of RNZ about his career. Rock musician, a founder of the Verlaines, Graeme has a classical background – his PhD was in the symphonies of Mahler. He went on to an academic career at the University of Otago teaching band performance, song writing, analysis, music theory, seminal works and more.


The consequences of using ancient methods for modern-day pandemics: Understanding the consequences of stigma from COVID-19

Dr Robert Huish is the Keynote speaker for the Otago Global Health Institute’s 2020 McKinlay Oration at the 13th Annual Conference: Shared Humanity and Global Health.


Covid-19: Epidemiologist discusses Pakistan cricket team

Professor Nick Baker discusses border failures and high-risk nation travellers on RNZ.


Otago's 'campus cop' beats students at push-up challenge


Hon Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance: How do and should governments respond to research evidence?

Alumnus Grant Robertson discusses how do and should governments respond to research evidence. Hosted by Otago’s Edgar Diabetes Research Centre.