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Hot Picks: eConnect issue 16

Wednesday 3 October 2018 2:28pm

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Every semester Otago academics and visiting lecturers share a wealth of information through their public lectures – we warmly invite you to access these via Youtube. Just click the links below to enjoy these stimulating topics from experts working in a range of disciplines.

The end of modern science?

Dr Siouxsie Wiles, Associate Professor at the University of Auckland

Antibiotics have been instrumental in the development of many of the modern surgeries and medical treatments we now take for granted. For years, experts have warned that we are using antibiotics unwisely, enabling antibiotic-resistant bacteria to thrive. What does this mean for us here in Aotearoa New Zealand?

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Teaching an old brain new tricks

Professor John Reynolds, Department of Anatomy and Directory, Health Sciences First Year

Presenting his Inaugural Professorial Lecture.

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Can the bicycle save the city?

Speakers: Alistair Woodward, Hamish Mackie and Ralph Chapman

Cities are now the primary human habitat but in their present form, are wasteful, damaging and running up against environmental limits. How can the bicycle help to make cities more humane, sustainable, healthy, joyful and productive places? Just as car-thinking shaped the modern metropolis, long before car use was prevalent, it is not only the use of the bicycle that shapes the way we live; it is what the bicycle stands for. The view from the saddle could save the city.

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Winter Symposium Series 2018: Queenstown

"The Future of Regional Healthcare"

Panellist: Professor Peter Crampton, Dr Garry Nixon and Dr Fiona Doolan-Noble
MC: Guyon Espiner

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Roman attitudes to kings

Christopher Smith, Professor of Ancient History at the University of St Andrews

gives the fifth of six lectures on the theme 'The Roman Kings: A Study in Power'. These lectures are part of the 2018 De Carle Distinguished Lecture series and were hosted by the Department of Classics

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Applied Philosophy. Wait. What?

Professor James Maclaurin, Department of Philosophy

Presenting his Inaugural Professorial Lecture

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