Wednesday 21 June 2017 4:17pm


The Department shared in the celebrations of its graduates at the recent University of Otago May graduation ceremony. It was a small but excited group of Anatomy graduands who gathered in the Department to mark the occasion.

Graduation is a special time, a milestone event for all our students, their friends, whānau, and the staff who have educated and supported them. It represents formal recognition from the University of their hard work (and that of their support people!), and marks the beginning of a host of new and exciting journeys.

The happy group pictured are (L to R):
Back row: Dr Joanna Williams; Maddie Kyrke-Smith (PhD)
Middle row: Professor Hallie Buckley; Monica Tromp (PhD); Zsuzsanna Barad (PhD); Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith
Front row: Professor Neil Gemmell; Savana Woodcock (BSc); Andrea Du Toit (BSc); Olivia Buchanan (BBiomedSc).

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