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Monday 30 October 2017 4:02pm


Congratulations to all our 400-level postgraduate students who took part in the Department's 400-level Poster Day. The event was an opportunity for them to present and discuss their research with their fellow students and staff of the Department.

Ten students took part in the event and for six of them, their posters were assessed as part of the core ANAT458 paper. We were very pleased to see some of the NEUR490 students presenting their Anatomy based research projects also as staff value seeing the range and general high standard of work from all our 4th year students.

Congratulations to Bella Grant who was presented with the Best Poster award for her poster A Memoir in Bones: life, disability and death in Victorian Milton.

Bella undertook a detailed osteobiography within the bioarchaeology of care approach, of a European male who was excavated from St John's Cemetery, a mid-to-late nineteenth-century burial ground in Milton. She used biological material, surviving historical records and medical literature to establish the possible health challenges experienced by the individual and what level of care he would have required while he was alive.

Bella's winning poster will be displayed in the Department where we hope it will inspire next year's 400-level students.

The following students presented posters:

Jesse Bain (PGDipSci) – Plasma exosomes: a promising source of diagnostic biomarkers and neurodegeneration.
(Supervisor: Dr Joanna Williams)

Maya Barrett (BSc (Hons)) – Exploring the signaling pathways harnessed by sAPPα to enhance arc expression in primary hippocampal cultures.
(Supervisor: Dr Joanna Williams)

Joseph Beattie (PGDipSci) – A home at the end of the world: Phoenician footprints in modern Morocco.
(Supervisors: Dr Michael Knapp and Prof Lisa Matisoo-Smith)

George Connolly (BSc (Hons)) – Using DREADDs to elucidate the role of AgRP neurons in the regulation of reproduction and stress.
(Supervisor: Assoc Prof Greg Anderson)

Lewis Forrester (BSc (Hons)) – Maternal obesity and the development of oligodendrocytes.
(Supervisor: Dr Christine Jasoni)

Alice Freeman (BSc (Hons)) – The effect of maternal obesity on putative pSTAT3 target gene expression in the developing ARC.
(Supervisor: Dr Christine Jasoni)

Bella Grant (PGDipSci) – A memoir in bones: life, disability and death in Victorian Milton.
(Supervisors: Prof Hallie Buckley, Dr Jonny Geber)

Maddie McIntyre Wilson (BSc (Hons)) – Mycobacterium pinnipedii: not so cute(e)…aneous.
(Supervisor: Dr Michael Knapp)

India Sawyer (BSc (Hons)) – Elucidating the roles of RF-amide related peptid neurons in reproduction and stress using a chemogenetic approach.
(Supervisors: Dr Greg Anderson)

Savana Woodcock (BSc (Hons)) – Oocyte quality from transgenic AMH over-expressing mice.
(Supervisors: Dr Mike Pankhurst)

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