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Friday 10 June 2016 11:53am

SurgicalApproachesWorkshop2016Over the long Anzac weekend, while most of us were enjoying a relaxing time with family, eight young orthopaedic surgeons were toiling away in the Anatomy Department, up-skilling their knowledge of anatomy and surgical approaches for orthopaedic and trauma surgery.

The workshop was undertaken under the guidance of a distinguished orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, Mr Stefan Klima, from Leipzig (Germany) and clinical anatomist, Associate Professor Niels Hammer (Anatomy Department). The group was kindly supported by Mr Simon Hadlow, an experienced orthopaedic surgeon working at Taranaki Base Hospital in New Plymouth.

Every patient needs to have confidence that their surgeon knows what lies beneath before making that first incision. The success of a surgical procedure is broadly based on a surgeons chosen approach to a surgical site - preferably one that gives a comprehensive overview of the anatomical structures that lie beneath and which protects structures at risk such as nerves or vessels. For this to happen, an in-depth knowledge of topographical anatomy is vital.

The course participants were given a hands-on opportunity to observe and practice in a variety of surgical exposures of the upper and lower extremities of the body and pelvis, using cadavers generously bequeathed to the Department.

A total of forty surgical approaches were studied in theory and practically, using the unique environment the Anatomy Department provides to enhance their skills. The participants enjoyed the interactive learning environment and the gain of confidence they reached throughout the long weekend...

“Learning approaches stated in an environment which resembles a situation similar to reality is very valuable”

“Very productive and informal and positive meeting and learning environment”

“This course helps avoiding mistakes in surgery”

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