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Tuesday 20 June 2017 4:08pm


Second year Dental students taking the first semester Anatomy paper have been using 3D virtual reality (VR) technology to reinforce their knowledge and understanding of the neuronal pathways of the head and neck. Some pathways in the small skull zones, such as the pterygolapalatine and infra temporal fossa, contain numerous nerves which pass and branch in different axis', and travel through different holes in the skull. Having a good understanding of these pathways requires good perception and understanding of 3D organisation.
Using the VR technology, students have been able to draw the neuronal pathways themselves. Their drawings are recorded and checked by senior lecturer Dr Yusuf Cakmak. The results are then discussed in a tutorial, with the aid of the VR system. Dr Cakmak has also used this technology to provide students with a better understanding of the conduction pathways of complex nerves which have multiple functions.
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