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Welcome to the 10th Biennial ANZALS conference

Challenging Leisure

The demand for and the provision and consumption of leisure is becoming ever more diverse. At the same time the world is facing up to the reality of finite resources.

It is against this backdrop that academics, industry practitioners, and public bodies are being challenged to understand and react to the changing face of leisure and society in a cohesive, productive, and sustainable manner. At the same time leisure studies, as a maturing discipline, is being challenged to re-situate itself within academia and to redefine its relationships to a plethora of disciplines and study areas.

Paralleling this is a re-conceptualisation of the position of leisure in society as the mirage of the leisure society is pushed into history and lifestyle choices and work demands vie for attention from the general public and policy decision makers.

The result is challenging and exciting times for leisure studies scholars and the aim of ANZALS 10th biennial conference is to provide a forum for academics, industry practitioners, and public bodies to come together to explore the challenges and opportunities facing leisure and to examine possible avenues of future interest and value to all three. While looking forward another challenge is to ensure that the lessons learnt in the past by those interested in leisure are fully utilised as we look to an exciting future.


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